• Who is Mrs. Loughnane? 

    Mr. and Mrs. Loughnane
    The Loughnane's daughter, Delaney!
                                                                             Dog sledding


    Mrs. Loughnane grew up in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Home of Little League Baseball!  She attended the University of San Diego for two years and transferred to James Madison University where she graduated with a degree in biology. After college she went to work as a Veterinary Technician. She then decided to go back to school and earned a teaching certificate followed by a Masters Degree in Education from West Chester University. She began teaching 23 years ago, here at Arcola.

    She got married in December, 2005 and spent her honeymoon in Hawaii! Her husband, Kevin teaches for Penn State and is a Methacton Graduate.
    hawaii  Hawaii, The Big Island
    She is also a fan of sports. The Pittsburgh Steeler's are her favorite team and will be attending a game this season! 
    Steelers  steelerssteelers
    Her interests include gardening, reading, kayaking, and traveling. The latest book she read was The Beginning of Everything.







    Her favorite place to visit is Italy, but Europe in general is a great place to be. She has been to 21 countries in Europe, including Greece, Germany, France and England. She also spent two summers living in southern Spain. This past summer she vacationed with her family in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, Bethany Beach, Delaware, and Maine. She has also chaperoned high school students in Greece, Italy and Costa Rica. 
    She has two dogs, Riley (12 years), and Hazel (6 years) who are two of the laziest and friendliest pit bulls in the world. We also have recently adopted a cat named Jack. 
    Riley  Hazel   
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