• Welcome! Let's get excited about PE and being active!  
    The Monthly Core Challenge is up and running! Who will challenge Dr. Mangano and Mr. Thompson? Complete the challenge, print out the calendar, sign it and have a parent/guardian sign it, and turn it in to me or Mr. Raley the first week in March.

    Throughout each marking period, you will have the opportunity to learn from myself and Mr. Raley. You will begin each marking period in my gym, rotate to Mr. Raley's gym for the second unit and return to my gym for the third unit.  


    All students are required to wear the approved Methacton uniform which includes a t-shirt and shorts, as well as, socks and sneakers. The uniform can be purchased through the following link:

    Methacton PE Uniform

    1st MP: Tennis, Flag FB, Cross Country/Heart Rate Monitors
    Be prepared to go outside every class period until the end of the marking period . Bring a sweatshirt and/or sweatpants to wear over your uniform for the chilly days. If you have PE during 1st or 2nd period, you may also want to bring an extra pair of socks and/or sneakers because the grass is often very wet.
     We will be outside again for the 4th marking period so please be prepared for the early chilly spring weather with a sweatshirt and/or sweatpants to wear over your uniform. 
    1st marking period units include:
    Tennis, Flag Football and cross country 
    Be prepared to go outside every PE day if the weather permits. When it gets cooler outside, please bring a sweatshirt and/or sweatpants.
    2nd marking period units include:

    Weight Training/Cardiovascular exercise, Basketball, Step aerobics/Yoga/Core

    3rd marking period include:
    Pickle ball, Volleyball and Cardio/Team games
    The 3rd marking period units are pickle ball, volleyball and cardio games. A reminder that everyone needs to be changed into their PE uniform for activity. Sweatshirts and sweatpants must be worn over the uniform. To recieve full preparation points, yoga pants, sweatpants, long sleave t-shirts and sweatshirts, etc. cannot be worn under the uniform 

    4th marking period activities: (We are back outside!)

    Diamond Games (softball, whiffleball, kickball, etc.); Ultimate Frisbee/Frisbee Games; Track and Field; Arcola Olympics
    I will announce quizzes and skill checks at least one class period in advance to allow you time to prepare.

    A reminder to all PE students that I encourage all students to be active and participate. If you are injured or have an illness, please have your doctor or parent/guardian write a note or email me specifying what you CAN do in order to allow you to participate in some way, if able.