• Hi and welcome to 7th Grade Health!
     Homework: 3/10/20 - Flip Grid anti-smoking or anti-spit tobacco or anti-vaping advertisement is due is due 3/12. You MUST turn in your script to Google Classroom as well.
    If you were absent 2/24 or 2/26, you will need to watch Smoking Truth or Dare on You Tube and write a 3-5 sentence reaction/response to the movie and/or what you learned from the movie in a paragragh form and hand it in.
    I am still accepting the respiratory system study guides in Google Classroom for 1/2 credit.
    The students worked on creating the Flip Grid movie for the Anti-tobacco/vaping advertisement.
    • Google Classroom Codes:
    • Period 1 - 7ukniub
    • Period 2 - zfbdiaa
    • Period 4 - qwiisjg


    You have the opportunity to learn from myself and Mr. Raley this year. During the 1st semester (MP 1 & 2), you will be learning the structure and function of the respiratory system, how to keep the system healthy as well as problems/diseases of the system. In the second marking period, we will discuss the Reproductive System unit along with the endocrine exocrine systems. We will also discuss pregnancy and childbirth. You will also learn about the digestive system structure and function, how to keep the system healthy as well as problems/diseases of the system within the second marking period.
    I will post assignments, announcements, power points/Google Slides and some handouts and worksheets in Google Classroom and/or my teacher's site. Homework and announcements/reminders will also be posting on my HW Calendar.

    I look forward to teaching you how to make healthy decisions for the year and throughout your life.