• Tech Director - You are the leader and producer of the show.  It is your job to ensure that everyone is in their places and on task.  You will command the tech room and communicate with the set manager.
    Computer Operator - You will operate the Globe Caster computer.  You are responsible for the output of the show. This job requires a high level of thinking and concentration.
    Switcher Operator - You will operate the switcher.  You work hand in hand with the computer operator. This job requires a high level of focus and concentration. 
    A/V Technician - You are responsible for any supplementary audio and video for the show.
    Teleprompter - You will be responsible for finishing the script and loading it into the teleprompter software.  During the show, you need to keep pace with the anchors as they read from the teleprompter screen.
    Set Manager - You make sure everything is prepared before and wrapped up after the show.  You need to arrive early and make sure the lights and cameras are on.  You will also have to white balance the cameras.
    News Anchor - You need to be at the studio early so you can become familiar with the day's script.  You should read fluently in order to be heard correctly. 
    Camera Operator - self explanatory