• Methacton School District has a wide range of Support Staff opportunities; such as, but not limited to:
    • Secretarial/Clerical staff
    • Instructional Assistants
    • Non-Instructional Assistants
    • Personal Care Aides
    • Recess Aides
    • Bus Aides
    • Custodial/Maintenance staff
    • Grounds Crew staff
    • Technology Dept. staff
    Applications for these positions can be obtained from the receptionist at the Farina Education Center (Administration Bldg.) located at 1001 Kriebel Mill Rd., Eagleville, PA  19403 or online under Employment Applications / Support Staff.
    Along with the application form, applicants must also have the following clearances:  Act 34 PA Criminal Background Check, Act 151 PA Child Abuse History Clearance, and Act 114 FBI Fingerprint Clearance.  These clearances are good for 5 year from application.  Only current clearances will be accepted.  Information regarding these clearances is below:
    Act 34 - Criminal History Background Check
    Section 1-111 of the Pennsylvania School Code requires that all applicants for school employment, including those of independent contractors but excluding employees who do not have direct contact with students, must obtain a criminal background check. All applicants are required to submit a Request for Criminal Record Check to the Pennsylvania State Police. The results will be returned directly to you and must be submitted to the school entity with which you are seeking employment.
    Criminal reports may be obtained electronically from the Pennsylvania State Police at https://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp. The Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH) Invoice for Criminal Record Check with a copy of the State seal imbedded on the paper is an official record check. 

    Criminal Hostory Request Form (SP4-164) is also available from schools, Pennsylvania State Police Barracks and from the Pennsylvania State Police web site.  This background check requires a ten dollar ($10) payment in the form of a certified check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  To check on the status of a request for a Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check call 717-783-9973.
    Act 151- Child Abuse Clearance
    In addition to the criminal background check, Sections 6354-6358 (Act 151) of the Public Welfare Code requires that all applicants for school employment, both Pennsylvania residents and non-residents, also obtain a Child Abuse History Clearance. This request is submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Child Line. The Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Form (CY 113) may be obtained from the school to which you are applying for employment, the Department of Public Welfare web site: www.dpw.state.pa.us/PartnersProviders/ChildWelfare/003671038.htm  or from the School Services Unit in the Department of Education. The Child Abuse History Clearance requires payment of ten ($10) payable to the Department of Public Welfare in the form of a certified check or money order. To check on the status of a request for the Child Abuse Clearance call 717-783-6211.
    The criminal background check and child abuse clearance results are valid for one year. Applicants should make and retain a copy of the reports since the Department of Education, Pennsylvania State Police and Department of Public Welfare do not maintain copies of the criminal record check or child abuse history clearances.
    FBI Federal Crinimal History Records - Fingerprint Services Provided by Cogent Systems
    Act 114 of 2006, Section 111 of the Public School Code was amended effective April 1, 2007.  All student teachers (participating in classroom teaching, internships, clinical or field experience) and prospective employees (including but not limited to administrators, teachers, substitutes, janitors, cafeteria workers, office employees) of public and private schools, Intermediate Units and area vocational-technical schools, including independent contractors and their employees and bus drivers, who have direct contact with children, must provide to their employer a copy of their Pennsylvania State Criminal History Background Check and their Federal Criminal History Record that cannot be more than one (1) year old.  This only applies to employees hired on or after April 1, 2007.  Employees hired prior to April 1, 2007, are only required to provide the Federal Criminal History record if they have lived outside of the state for at least two years immediately preceding their application for employment.
    Further information on the fingerprint process and online registration is available at http://www.pa.cogentid.com/ 24 hrs/day 7days/week .  Telephonic registration is available at 1-888-439-2486 Monday thru Friday, 8am to 6pm EST.  A fee of $36 for the service and $2 for an unofficial personal copy are required at time of registration.  Be certain to register under the PA Dept. of Educ. which is the top organization listed on the Cogent website.  Applicants should retain a copy of the receipt along with their unofficial hard copy of the report. Applicants must supply perspective employers with the Registration ID #(a number beginning with PAE followed by 13 characters composed of either all numbers or a combination of numbers and letters).  Perspective employers can then obtain an official report online using that Registration ID #.