Professional Development

    What Is MIAC?
    The Methacton In-Service Advisory Committee
     What Are MIAC Hours?
    MIAC Hours are district professional development hours that can be used to fulfill the requirement for 3 in-service FLEX Days each year.
    MIAC - Methacton In-Service Advisory Committee
    A comprehensive flexible in-service program is reviewed each year by the ACT 48 Committee for the Methacton In-service Advisory Committee (MIAC).  The program offers a variety of inservice workshops designed to meet the instructional, organizational and professional needs of the staff.  The programs are scheduled throughout the school year, during the summer, after school, and on weekends.  Each professional staff member is required to participate in a minimum of three days of district MIAC Inservice.  Staff members choose courses from a variety of topics including workshops on:  differentiated instruction, curriculum issues, best practices, technology integration, co-teaching, etc.  Workshops are presented by district staff members, through webinars, and outside consultants. Student teachers and support staff can also participate in the MIAC Flex-Inservice Program.

    The creative use of additional in-service and Act 80 in-service time is designed to support district-wide strategic planning and curriculum articulation needs.
    Independent MIAC Instructions

    Go to MyLearningPlan and select Independent MIAC Request from left column.  Follow the prompts.