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    Who is required to be on the Act 48 Committee?
    The committee must consist of teacher representatives divided equally among elementary, middle and high school teachers, educational specialist representatives, administrative representatives, parents of children attending a school in the district, local business representatives and other individuals representing the community.

    What are the requirements of the Act 48 Committee?
    It is responsible for preparing a professional education plan, which is to be designed to meet the educational needs of the school entity and its professional employees.  The plan annually must be reviewed to determine whether it continues to reflect the needs of the school entity.  Amendments to the plan may be recommended by the Act 48 Committee. 

    Where and when does the Act 48 Committee meet?
    The Act 48 committee meets once per month from October to May with the exception of December.  The times alternate monthly from 4:00 pm in the Staff Development Classroom to 7:00 pm in the Farina Board Room to accommodate members' schedules.

    What happens at the monthly meeting?
     Meeting content varies depending on the time of the year.  Fall meetings analyze feedback from in-service days, convene in subcommittees, and begin work for the following year's in-service days.  Spring meetings review MIAC proposals for the district catalog.  The committee also evaluates the programs for the purposes of assigning Act 48 credit.  Members often meet within their subcommittees which consist of:  Act 48/Strategic Plan, After School Staff Development, Committee Staff Development, Communication, Diversity, Induction Liaison, In-service Day Coordination, and Staff Development Evaluation.

    How are these individuals chosen to be on the committee?
    Teachers are to choose their representatives from the elementary, middle and high schools; educational specialists are to choose educational specialists, administrative representatives are selected from the administrators of the entity.  The board of school directors appoints parents of children attending school in the district, local business representatives and the other individuals representing the community.

    Is there a limit on the number of individuals the school board may appoint to the committee?
    No.  It would seem the board would need to name at least two from the categories outlined above, but there is no restriction on the maximum number allowed to sit on the committee.

    May a school board member be on the Act 48 Committee?
    The law does not specifically state that school directors are required to be on the committee, but they could be appointed as either a local business representative and/or an individual representing the community.

    Besides preparing the continuing professional education plan, what else must the committee do?
    The committee may give approval for providers to deliver specific continuing professional education options listed in the local plan.