• The ACT 48 Committee is a state-mandated committee formed to ensure that the district’s Professional Education Plan is designed to achieve the district’s goals and that it is aligned with our Strategic Plan. The committee is responsible for setting clear goals for professional education, creating a delivery system for approved professional education, and reviewing the Professional Education Plan annually. The ACT 48 Committee has representation from teachers, administrators, and community members.

    The Methacton ACT 48 Committee is working to support our continued efforts to provide on-going, professional learning within our district. Our MIAC and ACT 48 opportunities continue to increase each year.

    Any MIAC Proposal submitted on My Learning Plan will need the approval from the ACT 48 Committee at its regularly scheduled meetings. Please see the table below.  MIAC Proposals submitted when no regular meeting is held will be reviewed and approved by a designated subcommittee and/or member of the ACT 48 Committee.All information for your MIAC Proposal should be entered on My Learning Plan. Click on the Call for Proposal link in the left-hand menu options.

    The Evaluation section is new to this proposal format. You will need to create at least three questions relevant to your workshop presentation to support your colleagues’ reflection and action plan with the information gained. The ACT 48 Committee will add four universal questions to your evaluation questions to provide the committee and the State with data regarding professional learning opportunities in the district.

    Your support ensures the success of the MIAC program. Please consider offering your talents and strengths for a workshop. When presenting a MIAC opportunity, you have the choice to receive MIAC credit for a flex-day during the school year or to receive pay for your presentation when at least five people attend. The number of MIAC presentations for pay is subject to budgetary limitations.

    We look forward to continued progress with our district’s professional learning opportunities. Please contact any member of the ACT 48 Committee with any questions.