• Staff Development

    Strategic Plan - Professional Development

    Description: To provide Professional Development to support The Methacton School District staff. The following strategies will be employed to accomplish this goal:

    • Provide professional development programs for staff to effectively use data from universal screeners, PSSA, PVAAS and local assessments to differentiate instruction in order to improve student achievement.
    • Provide opportunities for review of legal implications of working in public schools.
    • Provide opportunities for staff from K-12 for training in the scope and sequence and delivery of courses, insuring that all students gain essential content and knowledge of standards in all subject areas.
    • Train faculty and staff in best practices to enhance student achievement.
    • Encourage self-initiated growth in district approved programs to provide additional opportunities for staff members to grow in their area of expertise. These programs could include workshops in Autism, use of data to inform instruction, co-teaching and relevant conferences.
    • Provide the training needed to support the goals outlined in the technology plan. Competencies will be identified and delivered through an academy approach, with an eye to providing training in cutting-edge technology.