• There have been several updates to the AP Exam testing that will occur in May.  Please see the new AP exam dates: New AP Exam Schedule. College Board is recommending all students test in May. Barring a major emergency following a technical issue, you can retest in June.  Students with accommodations will have enough time to test on these dates as well.


    If you are cancelling an exam, please follow the Methacton process by contacting Dr. Kochenour @ kkochenour@methacton.org.  Please know that once you cancel you cannot change your mind.


    A testing guide will be pushed out from College Board sometime at the end of the month.  This should include the ways you can test and demos to try.  Additionally, the guide will contain information for your accommodation should you receive any.


    In order to receive the testing guide and take the exam, you will need to be checking the email you have attached to your College Board account.  Please make sure you are logging into College Board and navigating to the Advanced Placement section of your account.  If you forgot your password, you should reach out to College Board well in advance of taking the exam. 


    Additional AP Resources to Prepare for the Exam






    Advanced Placement Contact Information

    General Questions

    Students and Parents

    Email: apstudents@info.collegeboard.org; Phone: 888-225-5427


    Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)/ Questions on Accommodations

    Students and Parents

    Email: ssd@info.collegeboard.org; Phone: 844-255-7728