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    Gifted Education Review


    Summary: The Methacton School District wishes to conduct a review of their K-12 Gifted Education services in an effort to ensure that programs and programming remain consistently aligned with best practices as outlined by the National Association of Gifted Children and the mission of the Methacton School District.


    The review will be led by Dr. Angstadt, Director of Pupil Services and Dr. David Zerbe, Superintendent of Schools with guidance and support from Mr. Shawn Lochinger, currently with Sweet, Stevens, Katz, & Williams Law firm and formerly a PA State hearing officer for Gifted Education services. Mr. Lochinger has worked with the Methacton School District on other matters of Gifted Education and is a familiar presence with our staff.


    The review will include input and feedback from gifted and regular education teachers, parents, and building administrators. Depending on the need for information and guidance, we may seek additional expert input or resources to support the review.


    A draft schedule is outlined below: