Grades 9-12 STEM-Based Electives


    [Those with an asterisk (*) are currently offered]


    1. Intro to Engineering*
    2. Materials Engineering & Fabrication*
    3. Advanced Materials Engineering
    4. Principles of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)*
    5. Architectural Engineering & Drafting
    6. Mechanical Engineering & Drafting
    7. Robotics*
    8. Intro to Computer Science*
    9. AP Computer Science*
    10. AP Computer Principles*
    11. Courses in Broadcasting*


    Grades 9-12—Additional STEM programming

    We are currently investigating the possibility of adding STEM-based labs to required science classes, expanding STEM offerings, and making them more accessible to students in all science courses. The high school is also looking toward the development of a personal finance course as a requirement.