Teacher in the Workplace Opportunities


    During the Fall of 2019, the MCIU once again offered Teacher in the Workplace opportunities, and Methacton has seven educators who have signed on for the experiences. The experiences provide an intensive five-day learning opportunity for up to 100 Montgomery County educators, including teachers, counselors, and administrators from K-12 and Career and Technical Centers. The offerings cover experiences in construction, manufacturing, hospitality and tourism, and healthcare. Methacton participants are noted below. They all completed one of their five experiences in the fall, and will contact another company on their own before February, when they have their second day in the workplace.



    Roxane Henning



    Nikki Brislin

    Liza Kiernan


    Hospitality & Tourism

    Jen Johnson

    Jill Nickerson

    Mike Gallagher



    Karen Reed-Maher