District-Wide Planning


    1. Looking at the collective feedback provided by teachers and administrators between 2016-2018, three of our administrators put together a plan for focusing on the 4C’s—collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. During the 2019-2020 opening day in-services, principals shared information with staff about the plan to collect evidence of teaching and learning involving the 4C’s, along with a focus timeline:  
      • Creativity Focus: September Faculty Meeting to November 15
      • Collaboration Focus: November Faculty Meeting to January 24
      • Communication Focus: January Faculty Meeting to March 19
      • Critical Thinking Focus: March Faculty Meeting to May 21


    Tech Integrators will help principals in promoting the monthly focus and will assist teachers in understanding its connection to their work. The Tech Integrators will also capture classroom examples through pictures or videos, and will provide brief blurbs about classroom activities to be shared with the Board and community.


    No immediate district costs. The purchase of resources or professional development to support the integration of the 4C’s could be potential costs.


    1. The district is completing its first year of having a cohort enrolled in the Wilkes Program. The 17 teachers who enrolled in this program finished course work, including “hands-on” work they applied to their classrooms. Once endorsed, they will support our district in several ways:
      1. Direct resources for other teachers
      2. Contributors to ideas for expanding STEM learning in the district
      3. Providing professional development, including at in-services and for MIAC opportunities
      4. Possibly serving as informal mentors for teachers in an upcoming cohort (We will collect feedback from the first cohort before moving forward with a second cohort.)


    District costs are those related to tuition reimbursement. Negotiations with Wilkes resulted in a $400 per credit cost.


    NOTE: The district also has teachers certified as Google Educators, who also act as resources & provide professional learning opportunities for our teachers


    1. Teacher in the Workplace Opportunities


    1. Each level has a focus on specific STEM-related courses & programming:
      1. Grades K-6
      2. Grades 5-8
      3. Grades 9-12— STEM-based electives