• May - Farina Education Center/First Student/Aramark




    Nina Smith, Central Registration Secretary

    Nina Smith is the first person our parents meet when they are enrolling their children in our schools. She makes them feel welcome and provides families all of the necessary information they will need to begin this new chapter in their lives. Methacton School District is grateful for the expertise, administrative professionalism, and care Nina shows each day in keeping the registration office running smoothly.




    Jack Shtofman – Maintenance Mechanic

    Jack has been working for the Methacton School District for a little over 28 years now. No matter what day, time or conditions, Jack is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. The knowledge he possesses of the various school buildings and systems is unsurpassed.  Over the years that Jack has worked for the district, he has become a very reliable go-to guy who’s kind-hearted and friendly nature, is part of what makes him a beloved member of the Facilities team.




    Odell Dewalt, Custodian

    Odell has been working for the Methacton School District since he started as a “Casual On-Call Custodian” in September of 2014. His hard work and dedication to his job earned him a full-time custodial position in December of 2016. Since accepting his full-time position, he has proven himself many times over to be a go-to employee. Odell is very reliable and always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. His friendliness, kindness, and patience with all those he interacts with throughout his day, is part of what makes him a valued member of the Facilities team.




    Vince Broughton – First Student AM Dispatch

    Vince Broughton is recognized for his outstanding work ethic and all-around good nature. He is conscientious about his position as morning dispatch -- always going the extra mile to ensure all students get picked up on time.  His attitude is upbeat and he is adaptable to any situation that comes his way.   Customer service is always at the forefront of his mind.




    Lisa Gambone – Food Service (Aramark)

    Lisa Gambone has worked in the Methacton Food Service program since 2011. Lisa goes above and beyond every day to provide great customer service by engaging with our students and providing a warm and welcoming environment. Lisa wears many hats in the kitchen: she prepares the pizza for both Arcola and Skyview, is responsible for stocking the coolers daily, serves our students during lunch and assists our cooks with food prep and distribution. If a student has a special request or question about the menu, she is on it! Each day before lunch she puts together a beautifully arranged show plate to display the main entrée of the day, which helps our students decide on their meal. When you come through her serving line, it is evident she takes great pride in her work! She truly embodies our mission of delivering experiences that enrich and nourish lives.


    April - Arrowhead Elementary School


    janet aureden


    Janet Aureden, Art Teacher

    Mrs. Aureden’s work with students is amazing!  She displays patience, creativity, and enthusiasm as she leads students through their lessons.  It is evident through student art work that Mrs. Aureden provides students with instruction which helps them develop a love for the arts. Her students take pride in their art masterpieces.  Walking down the Arrowhead hallways and seeing the various art projects adds so much life and culture.  Mrs. Aureden was instrumental in working with the Arrowhead Home and School, as well as Ms. Jessica Liddell, in finishing up the remaining two sections of the Arrowhead Mosaic. 


    barb goff

    Barbara Goff, Principal’s Secretary

    Mrs. Goff exemplifies an awesome work ethic, kindness, and care toward Arrowhead students, staff, and community.  This year, we have students who stop in and visit with Mrs. Goff before school starts and at the end of the school day.  She is the heart and soul of the building.  We have shared the following message at Arrowhead.  Students will not always remember what you taught them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.  Mrs. Goff always goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome at Arrowhead.  She is true asset to Methacton School District and Arrowhead Elementary School.



    March - Methacton High School


    Tony Cardillo, Oceanography/Environmental Science Teacher

    Tony is the longest serving teacher at Methacton High School. He has mentored and guided students as a teacher and a coach for more than three decades. As a teacher of oceanography and environmental science, Tony helps students to see the hands-on, real-world relevance of science in their lives. As a coach, Tony has endeavored to guide MHS students to success on the playing field. As a true mentor, Tony has taught students how to take the skills that they learn in the classroom and on the playing and translate those skills into success in life beyond high school. Tony is a beloved and invaluable member of the Methacton High School family.



    Josie Matty, Administrative Assistant

    Josie has served for many years as an administrative assistant at Methacton High School. She currently works in the assistant principal’s office in the East Wing with a special focus on supporting the many activities and clubs at Methacton High School. Josie is a dedicated and caring member of the Methacton family who works tirelessly to meet the many and diverse needs of the people and organizations that rely on her office. She is a welcoming and caring presence in the East Wing Office and an invaluable member of the MHS staff.



    February - Eagleville Elementary School

    Laura Ponticello Recognition1

    Laura Ponticello, Third Grade Teacher

    Laura goes above and beyond to support students.  She is open to working within our most challenging situations.  She is often in early and stays late to support student.  She is always willing to lend a hand whether it be with early dismissals or taking the lead on issues within her grade level.  She also uses innovative teaching strategies to engage her students.


    Rita Szczurek Recognition1

    Rita Szczurek, Office Assistant

    Rita has a vast understanding of the daily running of the school.  She is friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to support the staff and students.


    January -  Skyview Upper Elementary School

     Amy Eraydin

    Amy Eraydin, Reading Specialist

    Amy has been a leader in the implementation of both Wonders (grade 5) and Collections (grade 6) resources for ELA. She promotes the spirit of collegiality among her peers as she assists in meeting staff needs and organizes professional development opportunities where Skyview staff learn and collaborate. Amy is an essential member of the Skyview core data team. She analyzes reading benchmark data and individual student progress, and she assists in determining direction for staff professional development and individual student supports. As an instructor, Amy works with small groups of students to improve their reading comprehension. She designs activities to engage students with reading and has created a learning environment where students feel comfortable taking risks and asking for help. Amy is highly regarded among her peers and enjoys positive interactions with students throughout the building.

    Daniel Maser

    Danielle Maser, Instructional Assistant

    Danielle serves as an instructional assistant for grades 5 and 6 who works with students needing social and emotional support. She demonstrates a great deal of flexibility and routinely cooperates with the team to assess student needs and provides appropriate supports. Danielle has established connections with many students and they trust her to help them navigate their school day. The rapport she has with staff members and students alike has made her an integral part of our school community.


    December - Arcola Intermediate School


    Abby Hollenbeck, Gifted/Math Support Teacher

    Ms. Hollenbeck is back! Having been a Math teacher at Arcola, she returns to Arcola after a short, but highly successful run as Math Support teacher at the elementary level. She is a true and natural leader. She works 110% on behalf of students and staff. Her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge are all assets that are fully embraced at Arcola. We are grateful to have her back as part of the Arcola family in support of students and staff at the middle level.


    Caroline Deininger, Front Office Secretary

    Ms. Deininger is the first person you see and meet when visiting Arcola. She never has a bad day and always finds a way to brighten up the lives of people around her. She always has a smile on and a friendly, courteous, and professional demeanor towards everyone. She helps our students, staff and guest on a daily basis. 


    November - Worcester Elementary School


    Anita Massi, Instructional Assistant

    Ms. Massi is a former Catholic School teacher who has chosen to continue working in education as an Instructional Assistant in the K, 1, and 2 Learning Support Classroom. Anita enriches our school with her calm, friendly disposition. She communicates with our students in the most loving and supportive ways. She is a champion for students making good choices. Anita is a beloved member of the staff joining in with spirit days and collegial support. She also bakes the best pound cake ever!


    Sarah Wright, Emotional Support Teacher

    Ms. Wright provides a calm and understanding spirit. Sarah has the unique ability to work with students and understands how to meet the needs of every child. Her empathy with parents is professional and personal. Sarah works with the whole child to make sure details of their life are organized. Sarah’s flexibility with her time allows her to support each student when needed. Sarah gives 110% for every child and staff member. She is a valuable member of our team making her a role model for students and staff.


    October - Woodland Elementary School

    Carrie Brower

    Carrie Brower, First Grade Teacher

    Mrs. Brower possesses all the attributes of an amazing educator.  Her main priority:  helping students grow.  Mrs. Brower doesn’t stop with helping students grow academically. Each and every day, Mrs. Brower creates an environment where students grow emotionally, socially, and academically.  Her classroom is warm, inviting, and child-centered.  Educating the whole child is something that Mrs. Brower has down for over a decade at Woodland Elementary School.  You can stop in at any time during the day to Mrs. Brower’s first grade class room and see children smiling from ear to ear.  This is because Mrs. Brower raises students’ confidence, focuses on their strengths, and gives them a reason to try.  Every student is made to feel unique, special and talented in Mrs. Brower’s room.  Mrs. Brower is an amazing asset to the Methacton School District and exemplifies the definition of an outstanding educator. 

    Mary Chantry

    Mary Chantry, Third Grade Instructional Aide

    Mrs. Chantry has been a part of the Methacton community for decades.  Her dedication, compassion, and strong work ethic make her a staple of the Woodland community.  At the drop of a hat, Mrs. Chantry will rearrange her day to meet student’s needs.  She goes above and beyond to help any staff member who needs it.  Mrs. Chantry is always smiling and positive which adds to Woodland’s positive school culture. In fact, when someone is having a bad day, they know they can go see Mary and everything will be all right.   Mrs. Chantry is respected by the entire staff and student body.  People turn to her for advice on all issues and Mrs. Chantry is always willing to lend a hand; or an ear for that matter.  We are comforted to know that Mrs. Chantry is in our corner at all times because she is a loyal, professional, and truly amazing part of our Woodland School.