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    Near the beginning of each new chapter, or as needed in between, I will send out periodic email updates. I will also post those messages here on this page. 

    At this point, I have already sent out the first math update. If you did not receive this to your email, please let me know and I will update the address I have on file. You can reach me at nmaier@methacoton.org


    August 28, 2019

    Welcome Back!

    We have all survived, and hopefully enjoyed, our first day of school. I am Mrs. Nicole Maier, the math teacher for the Astronomers Team. This begins my 15th year of teaching and I am excited to celebrate 10 years at Skyview. Being a  member of the “opening class” of teachers I have seen many students work their way through the building (welcome back parents of Astronomers alumni), and I continue to be excited for new faces each year.

    It is one of my goals to have open communication between school and home. One way I work to achieve this is through periodic emails. Near the start of each new chapter, and as needed, you will receive an email from me previewing the content, sharing reminders, and providing practice suggestions. These are part of a group email list, so please be careful in responding that you “Reply” and not “Reply All.” But please be sure to reach out with any questions or thoughts that you may have at any time.

    I know that students will come home with a great deal of information over the next few days, so I want to take a moment to highlight some items that are of most importance regarding Astronomers Math classes.


    Summer Math Packets

    At the end of their 5th grade year, Skyview students were shown where to find/print the 5th to 6th grade summer math packet. As we know the “summer slide” can make transitioning back to school a bit difficult, students were encouraged to complete the summer math packet to keep their skills fresh. Students who completed the Summer Math Packet (or even parts of it) should bring that, along with their work, to school next Tuesday. Our first Daily Math assignment will utilize questions from this packet and students may use that packet to complete Daily Math.

    If your child is new to Skyview (WELCOME!) or did not complete the Summer Math Packet, they will still be able to complete next week’s Daily Math assignment and will NOT be penalized for not having the completed Summer Math Packet.

    A completed Summer Math Packet is not required, but will make the completion of next week’s Daily Math easier. 


    ConnectEd https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do

    This website provides access to numerous resources that accompany our sixth grade Glencoe Math program. Students have access to items such as a digital version of the textbook, video and step-by-step tutorials, printable extra practice pages (as well as remediation, and enrichment), self-checking quizzes, and virtual manipulatives/tools. This resource can be accessed at any time using the username and password that will be given to your child next week.


    ALEKS www.aleks.com

    Most students are already familiar with ALEKS from 5th grade. ALEKS is an individualized web-based program that assesses students’ current readiness and provides instruction and practice on topics at their level. It is congruent with the 6th grade curriculum, but allows students to discover, practice, and revisit topics at their own pace.

    Work completed on ALEKS is a part of our homework requirements. Students are expected to gain 10 topics in the TOPICS LEARNED column each week (Monday through Sunday) to earn 10/10 homework points. 1 bonus point will be awarded for every 2 topics learned past the 10 required topics each week (up to 5 bonus bonus points/20 topics). Completed Knowledge Checks are equivalent to 2 topics learned. Students will receive information on this along with their login information next week.

    This year students will also be keeping an ALEKS notebook (this MAY be the notebook they have designated as their “math” notebook - they DO NOT need a separate book for ALEKS). In this marble composition or spiral bound notebook students will set and track progress towards ALEKS goals, and more importantly record their work during ALEKS practice. Students are expected to record any “scratch work” they are completing as they learn topics in ALEKS or complete a Knowledge Check. By recording their work, students will have a chance to reflect on the process, as well as present their understanding of the topic to me if they are having difficulty “learning” the topic. Since most of ALEKS is completed at home, questions that students may have cannot be addressed by me immediately. If they are recording the problem, their work, and jotting any notes/questions they may have about it, we can more easily sit together and review the topic in school.

    ALEKS as a homework assignment will begin on Monday, September 23rd.


    National Glencoe Math, Course 1

    Students will receive their math workbook next week, it should look familiar. As the phrase “show your work” is one that I repeat about a thousand times a day, I know that sometimes the space provided in the workbook is not always adequate for some students. Students may complete their work in the workbook, or in an organized spiral notebook/composition book (it can be their math/ALEKS notebook). Each child knows what works best for him/her and I am not picky as to where their work is recorded, as long as it is easily accessible when needed. SHOWING YOUR WORK is a requirement - always. Homework pages are to REMAIN IN THE WORKBOOK. Please DO NOT tear out nightly assignments.

    Daily Math and Computation Quizzes (Comp Quizzes)

    Each week during Daily Math (11:35-11:45) students will complete a Daily Math assignment that will be included in their “classwork” grade, or a computation quiz (comp quiz). Typically, graded Daily Math assignments will be a worksheet that includes spiral review and current topic based questions. Students will receive the worksheet on A-day and it will be collected at the end of the next F-day (adjustments may be made to accommodate changes in the school schedule). These assignments are to be completed in school and are not to come home as homework. If a student is struggling with a question, I am available to help during Daily Math, Flex, or 8th period.

    Each C-day students will complete a computation quiz (comp quiz) consisting of four basic function problems. Students will have only the time allotted in Daily Math to complete one addition, one subtraction, one multiplication, and one division problem. These “quizzes” will scored, but NOT included in grades at this point. Comp quizzes will periodically be returned to students to bring home.

    After a short 5th grade skills review, we will begin working our way through Chapter 3 - Compute with Multi-Digit Numbers. Throughout this chapter we will review and learn adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with whole numbers and decimals.


    Please feel free to contact me at nmaier@methacton.org with any questions you may have.


    I’m looking forward to an exciting and productive school year. Thank you for partnering with us as we work to help our children grow.

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