• Daily Math Corrections

       Daily Math consists primarily of review of previously learned 4th, 5th, and 6th grade concepts.  That being said, many students are not carefully completing each question with success.  I am allowing the students to make corrections for ½ point each.  For example, if a student gets 4 wrong and corrects them all, he or she will earn 2 points back.  Since Daily Math counts as a classwork grade and it is 20% of the total average, these grades make a difference in a student’s average. 


    I sometimes do not grade the whole page, trying to be as fair as possible with my expectations.  I always tell the students which ones I graded when I hand back these sheets. The students can keep thier daily math sheets, unless they are handing them back in with corrections, in which case I give them back in a day or two.


    My hope is that the practice of making corrections will build on the students’ success as we progress, and the need for corrections will diminish. It also may help the students work more carefully the first time they complete these tasks.


    Corrections must be made on a separate paper, numbered, problem copied, done neatly, showing all work, and stapled to the front of the original Daily Math paper.  If they are not handed in by the due date noted in the homework they will not be counted. You can find the due date on the team USA assignment page and it's also noted on PowerSchool.


    Once the corrections are looked at, new points will be assigned for ones that are now right, and PowerSchool will be adjusted.


    I am available to help with corrections during FLEX and 8th periods.


    Please let me know if you need any more information!


                                                                                       Mrs. McCarthy