1.   Be prepared forclass each day with your a textbook, workbooks, a writing utensil  

    and a notebook. 

     2.   Homeworkassignments will be regular and will be checked daily for completion. 

    Three (3) points will be given for completedhomework assignments.  Incomplete orhomework not done will receive a zero (0).

     3. As per the World Language NationalStandards, a communication grade will be

         given daily.  A maximum of three points can be earned eachday:  3=exceptional

         work, 2=average work, 1=minimal work and0=components of lesson not done.

         The following areas impact yourcommunication grade:

    ·        Classwork(sponge activity, CD exercises, textbook exercises, workbook exercises andhomework correction)

    ·        Attentiveness

    ·       Participation 

    4.   Students are expectedto arrive to class by the sounding of the bell. Two warnings will be given and then teacher detentions for offences 3& 4.  After 4 late arrivals, areferral will be given to administration. Please note that any work missed due to unexcused lateness and/orabsence may not be made up.

     5.Your attendance is a very important factor in determining your grade.  Poor

        attendance often results in poor grades. Keep up with the work when you have

        been absent by e-mailing your teacher, checking on Parent Portal and/or checking

         yourteacher’s website. You have twice the number of days that you were absent  

         tomake up work or a “0%” will be assigned. Projects and writing assignments  

         maybe turned in one day late for amaximum of half credit for the work.


      6. Thefollowing items are considered undesirable class behavior and will be dealt

        with by detention, parental contact and/or disciplinary referral:

    ·        Rudeness,insubordination and disrespectful behavior

    ·        Excessivetalking and/or foul language

    ·       Doingother classwork during Spanish instruction (work will be confiscated

    and not returned.

     7.Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. Refer to your student handbook for

         the high school policy on cheating.  Online translators are strictly prohibited on

         any project or writing assignment.  You are expected to use the vocabulary and

         grammar that we study in class.  Use of online translators is consideredcheating

         and will result in a ZERO on the assignment and a disciplinary referral.   

     8.  Useof electronic devices (including but not limited to, cell phones, iPods,digital

          cameras) is not permitted for theduration of class.  Persistent offenderswill

          be referred to the building administratorfor further punitive action.

    9. Driver education training, playrehearsals, videoconferences, guest speakers and  

      field trips must be cleared with your teacher ahead of time.  If you are NOT in class,  

      and your teacher does not know where you are, this is a class CUT.

    • The student willforfeit the right to make up work missed. Additionally, the student may incur further academic consequences.
    • The teacher may reduce the student’s final averageby 10 percentage points for the marking period.
    • The classroomteacher will file a disciplinary referral form to the proper administrator.
    • Parents will benotified.
    • Repeated cutting ofclasses shall be cause for further disciplinary action and may result infailure for the year.

    10.  Major tests and quizzes are always announced in advance to allow for proper



            Grading Categories:

            Tests (TE) = 40%

            Quizzes,Projects & Writing (QP) = 35%

            Communication(CM) = 15%

            Homework (HW) = 10%


    “Inevery Spanish classroom, you may only do that which benefits your learning andthe learning of others!”  Have awonderful and successful school year!




Last Modified on September 2, 2014