• VenConmigo 3


    Course Description:  Students in Spanish II will build upon the vocabulary and grammatical concepts studied in level III in order to expand their oral and written communication and broaden their knowledge of the Spanish-speaking peoples and cultures of the world.


    Text:  “¡Ven conmigo!” – (level 3) Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 2003


    Course Outline:

    La Coruña

    Capítulo 1:  express interest, indifference, and displeasure, ask for information and describe yourself and others

    Capítulo 2:  ask for and give advice, talk about taking care of yourself                                   



    Capítulo 3:  talk about what has happened, express and support a point of view, use conversational fillers, talk about future events, and responsibilities

    Capítulo 4:  talk about how food tastes, unintentional events, and ask for help and request favors



    Capítulo 5:  express qualified agreement and disagreement, report what others say and think, and talk about hopes and wishes

    Capítulo 6:  introduce and change a topic of conversation, express what needs to be done and an opinion, make suggestions and recommendations, and turn down an invitation




    There are generally two (2) quizzes per chapter followed by a chapter test.  The mid-term occurs after chapter 3 and the final exam focuses on chapters 4-6.

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