Course Description: Students in Spanish 2 will learn vocabulary and grammaticalconcepts in order to communicate and broaden their knowledge of the Spanish-speakingpeoples and cultures of the world. Speaking, listening, reading and writingactivities will be practiced and assessed in accordance with AP guidelines.

    Text: “¡Así se dice!” –(Level 2) Glencoe-McGraw-Hill 2012

    Workbook –Workbook and Audio Activities and/or Pre-AP Workbook

    Course Outline:

    Repaso chapter:

    Briefreview of material learned in “¡Así se dice!” (Level 1). These include:

    ·       Ser and Tener

    ·       Possessive Adjectives

    ·       Articles, Nouns andAdjectives

    ·       Present Tense – RegularVerbs

    ·       Present Tense – Ir, Dar,Estar

    ·       Contractions

    ·       Uses of Ser and Estar

    ·       Indirect Object Pronouns

    ·       Present TenseStem-Changing Verbs

    ·       Verbs like Gustar

    ·       Preterite Tense –Regular Verbs

    ·       Preterite Tense –Ir/Ser, Dar, Ver

    ·       Direct Object Pronouns

    ¡Así se dice!” (Level 1).
    Chapter 8: 
    Vocabulary - Activities done in your free time.
    Grammar - Preterite of -er and -ir verbs, preterite of the verbs oir and leer, and affirmative and negatives words. 

    Chapter 9:

    Vocabulary – Shopping for clothes and food.

    Grammar – Numbers over 100, present tense of saber  and conocer, comparatives and suplertives and demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.

    ¡Así se dice!” (Level 2).

    Chapter 1:

    Vocabulary – Packingfora trip, getting to the airport, boarding a plane at the airport.

    Grammar – Verbs that haveg in the yo form in the present tenseand the present progressive tense

    Chapter 2:

    Vocabulary – Parts of thebody, daily routine, backpacking and camping

    Grammar – Reflexive verbsand commands with favor de

    Chapter 3:

    Vocabulary – Train travelin Peru and Mexico

    Grammar – Preterite verbtense of irregular verbs, the verb decirand prepositional pronouns

     Chapter 4:

    Vocabulary – Restaurantsand types of foods and eating utensils

    Grammar – Stem changing verbsin the present and the preterite tenses, adjectives of nationalities, the passivevoice with se

    Chapter 5:

    Vocabulary – Various festivalsand traditional carnival costumes

    Grammar – Regular and irregularforms of the imperfect tense

    Chapter 6:

    Vocabulary – computers ande-mail, Cameras and MP3s, making and receiving phone calls, technology in Hispaniccountries

    Grammar – The preterite and imperfect tenses  

    Quizzes/Test: Most chapters are divided into 2 vocabulary lessons = 2 vocab quizzes and 2–3 grammar lessons = 2 or 3 quizzes. There is one listening test andreading/writing test per chapter.

    Weighted Categories:

    Tests                        40%

    Quizzes, Writing,Projects    35%

    Communication                15%

    Homework                     10%

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