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    The very important parent letter that outlines IRP and answers many frequently asked questions can be accessed here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hRmJILKm8xtLvurx_xSWB065Q5gXnl0m8uiNJPrruAI/edit


    Things to Remember:

    o    Try to only choose books that fall within your current ZPD. Please talk with me if you really want to read a novel that happens to be close but outside of your ZPD.

    o    Only books that have Reading Practice quizzes (AR tests) are counted toward the IRP.

    o    Start the marking period with shorter novels.  Don't read more than one novel at a time.

    o    All Reading Practice quizzes must be taken in Mrs. Keaveney's room.

    o    Discuss your novel with a family member each day.  You will remember the details much better if you regularly talk about the events in the book.  You may want to also take notes (Post-it Notes work well with this) or write short summaries after each day's reading if you struggle with remembering details/events.

    o    If you skip a day of reading, plan to read extra on another day.  Don't get too far behind.

    o    If you find that you are unfamiliar with a lot of the words in your novel, it may be too difficult for you.  Quickly stop and choose another book.  Don't keep reading a book that doesn't make sense to you.

    o    Remember to use AR Bookfinder (link below) to help you find high-interest books.  If you like the book that you are reading, you will remember/understand it better.

    o    You can only read a book once.  Check your "Book Shelf" found within the Renaissance Place website.  It will let you know if you have already completed the Reading Practice quiz for the book you want to read.  It is surprising how many students forget about a quiz that they have taken prior to sixth grade.  You can find the Renaissance Place link to the right.  If you have already taken the Reading Practice quiz you may not read that book.  Check before you read!

    o    If you struggle with reading, get the audio version of the book.  I only ask that you follow along in the novel as you play the audio.    


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    ·        Novel discussion questions

    Parents/Guardians:  Click for a list of general novel discussion questions that you could ask your child as they read their IRP novel.  Feel free to ask follow-up questions while having your discussion.  You can print the document to make a set of cards.


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    ·         Renaissance Place


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    ·         AR Bookfinder


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