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    Kids Q & A
    Visit this area of the website to read the answers to transition questions submitted by students. Do you have a question? Submit it to information@methacton.org!
    What does the playground look like? Mr. Dale will be worked with 4th graders to create highlight videos of each elementary school. Check them out here! Each elementary school has a playground area with a play structure as well as equipment to use at recess.
    Do they have computers? Yes
    Will I know someone in my class? The building principals and staff will work to place students with peers from their current school.
    Who is the principal? The principal of each building is listed below:
    • Arrowhead – Mr. Roberts
    • Eagleville – Dr. Reddish
    • Woodland – Mrs. Euker
    • Worcester – Mrs. Brucker
    Do they have swings? Yes the playgrounds have swings
    Do you have recess inside if it is raining? Yes
    Do you get to paint? Each art class does a variety of activities including painting.
    Do they have a library? Each elementary school has a library.
    What are the school colors?
    • Arrowhead - Red and Blue
    • Eagleville - Blue and Gold
    • Woodland - Green and White
    • Worcester -  Burgundy and Grey
    How long is recess? Recess for grades 1-4 is 30 minutes, kindergarten recess is 15 minutes.
    What kind of food is in the cafeteria? The food in the cafeteria will be the same as your school this year. The menu is the same for all elementary schools.
    Are the teachers nice? How will I know my teachers? There will be a "meet and greet" teacher event on Thursday, August 31st (afternoon). This will be an opportunity for children and their families to see their classroom and meet their teacher prior to the start of the school year.