• Dear Methacton Family,


    In an effort to address the immediate and long-term challenges before the Methacton School District and to best leverage the skills and talents of my leadership team, I have determined the following Principal and Supervisory structure effective June 19, 2017. 


    This announcement is provided at this time specifically to address the elementary transition process currently underway. Primarily, it provides a starting point for planning for the 2017-2018 school year. Furthermore, these changes provide an opportunity for all. For some, it provides the continuity necessary to foster a successful transition, while for others it provides a new opportunity. Most importantly, these assignments are made with an intent to continue to foster the mission and vision of the district.


    Methacton Elementary Schools

    Methacton elementary school principal assignments are as follows:

    • Arrowhead Elementary School – Mr. Aaron Roberts
    • Eagleville Elementary School – Dr. Zanthia Reddish
    • Woodland Elementary School – Ms. Debra Euker
    • Worcester Elementary School – Ms. Jenifer Brucker

    Mr. Tim Murch will continue to serve as special education supervisor for grades kindergarten through four.


    Skyview Upper Elementary School

    Ms. Melissa Gorla will continue as the principal of Skyview Upper Elementary School and Ms. Judy Gallagher-Landis will serve as assistant principal. Ms. Danielle Fowlston will continue to serve as special education supervisor for grades five through eight, serving the needs of students at both Skyview and Arcola. 


    Arcola Intermediate School

    No changes are planned for the administration of Arcola Intermediate School, with Ms. Amy Mangano continuing in her service as principal and Mr. Ryan Creeden as assistant principal. 


    Methacton High School

    Mr. Jason Sorgini will be assigned as the principal of Methacton High School (MHS). Dr. Paul Spiewak, Dr. Karey Kochenour, Mr. Dan Bontempo, and Mr. John Smink will be the assistant principals at MHS. Dr. Jamie Gravinese will serve as the special education supervisor for grades nine through twelve.


    Dr. David Zerbe
    Superintendent of Schools