• Title 1 Parent Engagement Policy and Resources


    Title 1 Parent Engagement Policy for Arcola Intermediate School 

    This policy is intended to inform and include all parents of children receiving Title 1 services in grades 7 and 8 at Arcola Intermediate School.  Parental engagement is crucial to the development and progress of each child.  Parents will have the opportunity to attend student and parent programs, as well as conferences.  Parents will receive the Arcola Intermediate School parent compact.  They will be encouraged to submit any questions or comments regarding the policy and the Title 1 program.  On-going parent communication with teachers and Title 1 staff on student progress is encouraged and welcomed. Our goal is to provide support and strategies that can further assist students in their math and reading work.


    Parents are encouraged to call upon Arcola staff and/or principals at any time if they have questions about the Title 1 program or their child’s progress.


    Dr. Amy K. Mangano


    Arcola Intermediate School


    Title 1 Reading Resources

    Title 1 Math Resources


    For more district wide information regarding the Title 1 Flyer, Parent Engagement Policy, Right to Know Process and Complaint procedures, please click the links below: