• Methacton Award of Excellence
    For the significant contribution they make to the district in supporting their colleagues, our students and their families, as well as our entire community, Superintendent Dr. David Zerbe presents the Methacton Award of Excellence to six valued members of our staff per month - 3 members of our support staff, and 3 members of our teaching staff. The individuals you see pictured below have made significant contributions to our school community!  Please join us in thanking and honoring them for their work here in the Methacton School District. Methacton PRIDE!


    December - Worcester Elementary School 


    linda sapp

    Linda Sapp - Principal's Secretary

    Linda Sapp is a graduate of Methacton.  She has served as a secretary in the district for the past thirty years.  During the summer of 1999, Linda worked to prepare for the reopening of Worcester in our new facility.  According to Worcester Principal Brian Shaffer, Linda has been integral to his success, serving as both confidant and friend.  Her institutional knowledge is limitless and her insight has proven invaluable!



    carrie loughran

    Carrie Loughran - Office Assistant

    Carrie Loughran serves as one of our Office Assistants.  She has created multiple organizational charts to better manage change in dismissal requests as well as our RSVP procedure for our Fall Festival.  Carrie is an integral member of our Dismissal Team, using Google Docs and the intercom system to dismiss students.  She also uploads pictures and reminders to our television, improving our communication with families.  Carrie recently created our “Golden Spoon Trophies,” which are proudly displayed on cafeteria tables during lunch.  Carrie’s outgoing personality makes each day more enjoyable!



     MaryJo DeRosato

    Mary Jo DeRosato - Office Assistant

    Mary Jo DeRosato serves as one of our Office Assistants.  She has been a great asset with the distribution of safety information, including our Emergency Packets, as well as the updated Bully Policy.  Mary Jo also assists our Home and School Association and sponsors of various clubs with communicating essential information to our families. Her willingness to assist others without direction is appreciated.  Mary Jo’s kindness shines through her actions and words! 



    Shannon Snyder

    Shannon Snyder - Counselor

    Shannon Snyder has served as school counselor for Worcester since the building was reopened in Fall 1999.   She offered her assistance and has led a committee to plan and facilitate the school's upcoming 20th Anniversary event, which is scheduled for December 2019.  In addition, Shannon coordinated a presentation from NED.  This assembly was presented at no cost to the school or district.  Students enjoyed a powerful message from NED who reminded us to: Never give up.  Encourage others.  Do your best!  After the assembly, Shannon facilitated a yo-you sale with the proceeds being used to “pay it forward” so another school could benefit from the wise words of NED



    devan thomas

    Devan Thomas - Learning Support Teacher

    Devan Thomas serves as one of our learning support teachers.  During the first few days of school, Devan’s energy and leadership proved invaluable as our team collaborated to revamp our dismissal process.  Devan quickly took the lead with organizing the students inside our lobby and with dismissing them to the bus loading area.  Devan also volunteered to assist our Cub Scouts during our Veteran’s Day assembly.  She stepped in without hesitation, guiding them with the presentation of colors and with leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  Devan is a tremendous asset to our school community.



    Jodi Lattanze

    Jodi Lattanze - School Nurse

    Jodi Lattanze who is known to our school community as Nurse Jodi has been a tremendous support since the start of the school year.  She supports the health and wellbeing of our students as well as our staff.  Nurse Jodi recently coordinated our first flu clinic, assisting sixty-seven students and twenty staff members with their annual flu shot.  Nurse Jodi also supports student safety during admission and dismissal.  Her ability to support multiple students simultaneously is impressive!  Despite the busyness of her office, Nurse Jodi always maintains her composure, greeting each patient with a kind smile.



    November - Skyview Upper Elementary School 


    Lori McCarthy


    Lori McCarthy - 6th Grade Math Teacher

    Mrs. McCarthy is a 6th Grade Math teacher on Team USA at Skyview. She works diligently to meet student instructional needs and has created a classroom environment where students can work on new skills and where students know that it is okay to not understand something or be successful the first time because she will always be there to help. She collaborates with her colleagues – both on her team and within the math department. She cares about her students' well-being and demonstrates this in all she does in our school.



    kristen brun


    Kristen Brun - 5th Grade ELA & Social Studies Teacher

    Mrs. Brun is a 5th Grade  ELA and Social Studies teacher on the Stars team. She demonstrates care and patience with her students. Her caring nature supports students in extending their learning. She has created a classroom environment that supports collaboration. Her most recent peer collaboration project involved implementing the use of interactive reader’s notebooks in class. She continually seeks to plan for engaging instruction and is a valued collaborator among her colleagues.


    Ben Greenover


    Ben Greenover - Librarian

    Mr. Greenover is transforming the Skyview Library into a collaborative space for students to engage in reading, learning valuable library and research skills and creating in the makerspace. Students enjoy being in the library and engaging in learning centers. Mr. Greenover has created a welcoming environment where both students and staff want to be. He models collaboration with his special area colleagues and we look forward to the collaborative projects between technology education and library in the coming year.


    Toni Jones


    Toni Jones - 5th Grade Instructional Assistant

    Mrs. Jones is an Instructional Assistant on the 5th grade Storm Chasers team. She is dedicated to helping students on the team. She is often complimented by families for the level of care she provides to students. She is a nurturer and works tirelessly to meet student needs.


    Janet OConnor


    Janet O'Connor - 6th Grade Instructional Assistant

    Mrs. O’Connor is an Instructional Assistant on 6th Grade Team USA. Mrs. O’Connor works with students daily to help them with the routine of their school day and to help them to build positive academic habits. She demonstrates care in fulfilling all of her responsibilities and is a key member of Team USA.



    October - Arcola Intermediate School 




    Eddie McCaffrey - General Music Teacher 

    Mr. Eddie McCaffrey has been in the district since 1999 as our general music teacher and choral coach. During our auditorium renovation, he took on a lead role in assisting and supporting the work that was being done. His strengths are his positive and supportive attitude, reliability and the ability to bring staff together reminding us all the reason we are here- to do what is best for kids.




    Colleen Heidel-Butler - 8th Grade Instructional Assistant

    Ms. Colleen Butler came to the district in 2016. She is an eighth-grade instructional assistant who truly loves working with children. She enters our building each day with a smile and is grateful for being able to help all students. Her kind, caring and compassionate manner are her strengths as she assists our students and staff daily.




    Mary Williamson - 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher and Department Coordinator

    started in the district in 2005 as our grade 8 social studies teacher. She is known and respected among colleagues as the kind, silent and strong leader in her department and team. She enters the building each day with a big smile and a very positive attitude. When asked how are you today, her response is always, “I’m doing great and it’s going to be a great day!” Students love being in her room and she can often be seen acting out her lessons as her passion is truly teaching students and making history come alive!




    Nicholle Starson - 7th Grade Special Education Teacher and Department Coordinator

    Ms. Nicholle Starson started in the district in 2013 and has had several positions in a few buildings. Currently, she serves as a seventh-grade special education teacher and department coordinator who goes above and beyond in her role for students and staff. She has taken on a tremendous job over the past two years as part of the building scheduling committee and has worked diligently on our warrior win period. Her courage and willingness to step up and take the lead on initiatives have been a major help to our school community. Her strengths are her creative, caring and dedicated approach to students, staff and families.




    Sophie Noblit - Head Secretary 

    Mrs. Sophie Noblit has worked in the district since 2002. As the head secretary, often referred to as the “boss”, she demonstrates a strong work ethic and each day and helps everyone with anything they need. Her genuine, caring and helpful manner are her strengths and she goes above and beyond each day. She will tell you that she never thought the Middle School was for her but now she is at home and truly belongs at Arcola.


    Mary Jo "Jojo" Golden - Head Custodian

    Ms. Mary Jo Golden has served in the district for 25 years. As the head custodian, she is the one who ensures that Arcola shines bright each day! She sees to it that all jobs are accomplished and she takes tremendous pride in the building and how everything looks both inside and out. No job is too big or small and her line is simply, “consider it done”! Her strengths are her work ethic, care and attention to detail.