•  Endangered Species: Be the voice for those that cannot speak.

    Use the following websites to gather relevant information on your Endangered species. 
    For New Jersey's Endangered Species:  http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/tandespp.htm
    For New York's Endangered Species:  http://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/7494.html

    The following databases can be used to gather research as well. 

    You may only access these databases from the school's network. The password is "warrior" if it is required.
    Review the instructions below for finding your own print materials in our library.  The instructions will review how to effectively search for the books you need. 
    We will be using Noodletools for this entire project.  You can view the PDF below for information on the use of notecards in Noodletools.    
    If you need help on gathering information for citations, open the help document below.  It lists the information required by Noodletools.
    For print materials, use the title page of your book and the copyright page.  If you used an encyclopedia, you will begin in the article you looked up in the encyclopedia and then you refer to the title page.  
    The website will require you to use the bottom of the page that contains your notes for publisher info and the url in the browser.
    The databases can be quick cited by copying and pasting in the citation from the database that you use.