• *Lessons are made up of small groups of musicians who play the same or similar instruments and are of similar skill levels.  The focus of lessons is to work on developing the techniques and skills of each player on his/her instrument through learning and practicing of scales, concert music, music theory, and other exercises as designated.

    *Lessons will occur once a week in a pull-out process.  Your lesson will be designated on a specific day of the week (i.e. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, etc.).  The schedule of lessons rotates so you will not miss the same class two weeks in a row.

    *Expectations for attendance at lessons: Lessons should always be attended unless you have a major conflict with the class you are scheduled to miss for that lesson.  Acceptable reasons for missing lessons: tests, presenting of major projects, poor grade in that class, attendance on a field trip, etc.


    In our recent department and faculty advisory meetings we have been discussing ways to balance both the academic and music needs of our students. We have gathered input from all stakeholders and have come up with a list to pilot. We know that moving forward there will be both short term and long term solutions but the best strategy we can apply is to communicate with one another. Below is a list of agreed upon reasons that students will not attend lesson pull-out sessions, effective Monday, 4/10:
    ·       Test, quiz (can take quiz and leave for lessons late, up to 15 minutes)
    ·       Special computer lab lesson
    ·       Science labs or demonstration  
    ·       Failing the class

    *When you arrive at school on Monday or the first day back to school that week, come to the music area and take a lesson pass for the period your lesson is scheduled to be that week.  (LESSON PASSES CAN ALSO BE PRINTED OUT FROM MRS. SAUL’S WEBSITE)

    *Take the pass to the teacher whose class you will miss to attend the lesson and have that teacher initial the pass.  This must be done before or during morning homeroom ahead of time and NOT at the beginning of the class period you are scheduled to miss!

    *When your lesson period arrives, come directly to the instrumental room and give the initialed pass to Mrs. Saul when you arrive for your lesson.


    IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE LESSON (or another teacher prevents you from attending):

    *Flip the pass over and fill out the back, stating the reason the lesson could not be attended.  Return the pass (with the back completed) to Mrs. Saul ASAP.  The back of the pass is for YOU to fill out, not a teacher! 

    *Lessons that are missed with no explanation from the student will count as unexcused lessons.  Lessons with a valid excuse will count as excused.



    *Instrumental rehearsals focus on ensemble playing with all students together where we work on musicality, intonation, blend & balance within sections, and from one section to another, and preparation of concert repertoire for performances.  The band and orchestra perform major concerts in December and May, as well as participate in the Music in the Parks festival in Hershey every spring.

    *Arcola instrumental groups meet during 8th periods every “A”, “C”, and “E” day.   “E” days are considered “orchestra priority” days, meaning if you are in other performing ensembles like band or chorus, on “E” days you will attend orchestra rehearsals (band priority is on “A” days and chorus priority is on “C” days- same rules apply).  If you are only in one ensemble, then you will have rehearsal every “A” “C” and “E” day with that group.

    *Priority day rehearsals are mandatory for all instrumental members and may not be missed.  The only exceptions are absence from school or early dismissals for sports.  Rehearsals on non-priority days are permissible to sign out of if you need to go see another teacher (you do not have to sign out if you are attending another music rehearsal), but you are strongly encouraged to try and find alternate times to make up other work so as not to miss rehearsals.  Instrumental rehearsal time during 8th period is very limited.

    *If you MUST sign out from a non-priority day 8th period rehearsal, you must bring a pass from the teacher you are going to see to Mrs. Saul at the start of 8th period so she has a record of why you are signing out and where you will be.  Absences from 8th period rehearsals with no pass or record given to the music teacher in advance will count as unexcused.    Absences from non-priority days with advance notice, or for early dismissals or sports will count as excused.


    Arcola Music Department Attendance Policy

    As a shared value of the Methacton School District, we support arts as an enriching aspect of the educational experience.  Students involved in performing arts programs must be permitted to attend cyclical lessons and scheduled rehearsals without penalty or restriction.  It will remain the responsibility of the student to make up any missed work.

    1.  All students must report to rehearsal 8th period. ).  No sign outs on priority days.  Priority days are listed  as follows:         


    A Day- Band Priority       C Day-Chorus Priority          E day –Orchestra Priority


    Members of all ensembles are responsible for signing out with their director if they plan to miss rehearsal for any reason (exceptions:  sports games)                             

          2.  If it is necessary for a student to make up work during rehearsal time, students must sign out at the BEGINNING of eighth period, BEFORE going to see their classroom teacher.


    1. Students who sign out must have a “Single Use Pass” when they sign out.  If they do not have a pass, they will not be permitted to leave rehearsal. 


    1. If a student does not sign out, he or she will be reported to the office for cutting class.


    1. All members are entitled to three excused 8th period absences in the fall concert season (September – December) and four in the spring (January – May).  These absences are to be used for necessary make up work.  This excludes  priority days, dress rehearsals and rehearsals within two weeks of performances.  Once rehearsal begins, all students without a pass are expected to sit and prepare for rehearsal. 

    Exceptions:  school absences, sports games absences, field trips, etc

    1. All members are entitled to three excused absences from lessons in the fall concert season (September – December) and four in the spring (January – May).  These absences are to be used for necessary class work.  (THIS APPLIES TO BAND AND ORCHESTRA STUDENTS)