• Congratulations on your performances at Music in the Parks!  Two Superior ratings- awesome!!

    There will be a meeting for all orchestra members (no instruments needed for the meeting) on Tuesday, May 30th in the auditorium​ during 8th period. 

    String Ensemble members are reminded that we are performing at the NJHS Induction on Wednesday morning, May 24th.  Please come to school in your concert black clothes.  You may bring a change of clothes to school for the rest of the day.  At the conclusion of your performance, you will be dismissed to 1st period (8th grade) or to the ceremony (7th grade).  We are playing the 3 pieces that we looked at last week, the "3 Rs"- Rondeau, Royalwood and Royal Procession.  Please hand in the music at the conclusion of the performance.  There is NO rehearsal before school.

    Again- congratulations on a job well done at Music in the Parks!!

    In our recent department and faculty advisory meetings we have been discussing ways to balance both the academic and music needs of our students. We have gathered input from all stakeholders and have come up with a list to pilot. We know that moving forward there will be both short term and long term solutions but the best strategy we can apply is to communicate with one another. Below is a list of agreed upon reasons that students will not attend lesson pull-out sessions, effective Monday, 4/10:
    ·       Test, quiz (can take quiz and leave for lessons late, up to 15 minutes)
    ·       Special computer lab lesson
    ·       Science labs or demonstration  
    ·       Failing the class