This year we will be using ALEKS in conjunction with our Glencoe Math Course 1 Program. ALEKS is a computer based program that is individualized to each student. They will work on topics that are appropriate for their current readiness level.
    Students will be expected to learn 10 topics on ALEKS each week (Monday through Sunday night). This will be included in our grades as 10 homework points each week. Each 1 topic learned on ALEKS is worth 1 homework point. After 10 topics, students will be awarded 1 bonus point (up to 5) for each additional 2 topics leanred on ALEKS. Completed Knowledge Checks will be worth 2 topic points.
    During the school day students will have the following times available to work on ALEKS:
    1 Flex period/cycle
    1 Daily Math period/cycle
    8th period as available
    All other learned topics are to be completed at home.
    If a student has limited access to technology or the internet at home, please let Mrs. Maier know so we can discuss options.
Last Modified on August 19, 2019