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    Outdoor Education Information 


    Outdoor Education is a 2-day, overnight, educational program for 5th graders which takes place at the College Settlement Camp in Horsham. Students will experience hands-on, inquiry-based science, team building activities, ecological concerns, and all sorts of structured, active time! Galaxy will visit Outdoor Education on April 6th and 7th .
         Parent volunteers are needed to monitor student groups in the cabins overnight. Please consider signing up! All volunteers will have to obtain necessary clearances.
          Perhaps this is something that your child can 'contribute to' during the year to help with the cost of the trip, by completing some jobs for you. Leaf-raking, holiday cleaning, snow shoveling (and I fear we are going to need that this year) are all possible jobs your youngster could take on to contribute to his/her trip.
         There will be two meetings scheduled sometime in early March for parent information. Attending one of these informational meetings with the staff from the College Settlement Camp is invaluable and they can answer all of your questions about the experience including food and medical concerns. Teachers from Galaxy will be in attendance also. Mr. Permar will be sending out all information.