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    Wednesday, March 11, 2020





    Read 15-20 minutes – Get reading calendar signed

    3 AR quizzes due 4/3

    Exact Path Challenge due tomorrow

    ELA Skills Packet due tomorrow






    Spelling Packet due tomorrow





    ALEKS – 10 topics due Sunday

    MM p. 667-668

    Chapter 9 Quiz – Tuesday, 3/17

    Problem of the Day packet –due 3/21






    Sign and Return Quiz


    Social Studies:



    Sign and Return Quiz

    Chapter 7 test on 3/18





    Bring in a box of tissues if you are able!






    homework help
    The following strategies may be helpful for children who exhibit difficulty getting school work done and keeping it organized:
    1.  Students should use a daily assignment book in which to write their assignments.  If your child is forgetting to write homework down, please contact me so I can reinforce this during the school day.
    2.  If your child is not bringing home all required materials needed for homework, he/she should use a homework folder to keep assigned worksheets, homework instruction sheets, or other items that may need a parent signature.  Completed homework should also be put in this folder.  You can label one pocket "take home" for items that have been assigned, and the other pocket "take to school" for completed assignments.
    3.  Have a homework routine, with necessary supplies. 
    • Keep to a regular schedule, doing homework at the same time and at the same place each day. 
    • Establish a work space that is stimuli-free. 
    • Make sure there is enough light at your work area. 
    • Be sure to include a "homework survival tool box" with the tools you'll need to get the job done right!  Some items to include are pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, notebook paper, a ruler, scissors and glue.
    • Break down homework tasks into steps and put them on a checklist.  Have the student write a check mark next to each step as it is completed.
    • Student should organize homework and put it into the backpack as soon as it is finished. 
    4.  Monitor your child frequently during homework completion and review the completed work.  5th grade students may still need guidance, help and encouragement.
    • Remember studying is a part of homework too. 
    • 10 to 15 minutes going over class notes each night is more helpful than "cramming" for a test.
    • If needed, students should review vocabulary words and spelling words nightly.

    5.  Provide rewards to promote positive behaviors, such as work completion. 

      If you are going to use a reward system, be sure to use it consistently.
    6.  Establish a routine to prepare for the next morning.
    homework pencil Homework pencil Homework pencil