• Chapter 12 - Geometry
    In Chapter 12, we will learn about different types of polygons and three-dimensional figures and how to classify them.  We will also explore how to find the volume of prisms and composite figures.
    Vocabulary for Chapter 12:
    attribute:  characteristics of a figure (example: the side or angle measurements)
    composite figure:  a figure made up or two or more three-dimensional figures
    congruent:  having the same measure; congruent sides are equal in length/congruent angles are equal in degrees measured
    edge:  the line segment where two faces of a three-dimensional figure meet
    face:  a flat part of a three-dimensional figure
    vertex:  the point where three or more edges meet
    prism:  a three-dimensional figure with two parallel, congruent polygons as bases and parallelograms as faces
    volume:  the number of cubic units needed to fill a three-dimensional figure or solid figure
    triangles:  3-sided polygons 
    Click here to link to a full listing of Math vocabulary terms.