• Chapter 11 - Measurement
    In Chapter 11, we will learn to convert customary units of length, weight, and capacity.  We will also display measurement data on a line plot.  Additionally, we will use logical reasoning to solve problems involving measurement.
    Vocabulary for Chapter 11:
    capacity:  the measure of how much a container can hold
    customary system:  the system of measurement most often used in the United States; these include foot, pound, quart, and degrees Fahrenheit
    length:  measurement of the distance between two points (examples: inch, foot, centimeter, meter)
    mass:  a measure of the amount of matter in an object (examples: gram, kilogram)
    metric system:  a decimal system of measurement (these include: gram, meter, liter)
    weight:  a measure of how heavy an object is (examples: ounce, pound, Ton)
    Click here to link to a full listing of Math vocabulary terms.