• Chapter 6 - Multiply and Divide Decimals
    In Chapter 6, we will learn to estimate products and quotients with decimals.  We will also learn to multiply and divide decimals efficiently.  Additionally, we will learn to look for a pattern to solve problems.
    Vocabulary for Chapter 6:
    compatible numbers:  numbers in a problem or related numbers that are easy to work with mentally
    decimal:  a number with one or more digits to the right of the decimal point
    decimal point:  a period separating the ones and the tenths in a decimal number
    estimate:  a number close to an exact value.  An estimate indicates about how much.
    pattern:  a sequence of numbers, figures, or symbols that follow a rule or design
    power of ten:  a number obtained by raising 10 to a given exponent 
    product:  the answer to a multiplication problem
    quotient:  the result of a division problem
    round:  to find the approximate value of a number 
    Click here to link to a full listing of Math vocabulary terms.