• Chapter 2 - Multiply Whole Numbers
    In Chapter 2, we will learn how to factor numbers, as well as how to use exponents.  We will explore the Distributive Property, multiplication patterns, and we will multiply by one- and two-digit numbers.
    Vocabulary for Chapter 2:
    prime number:  having exactly two factors, 1 and itself
    prime factorization:  the expression of a number as the product of its prime factors
    exponent:  a number that indicates how many times the base is used as a factor
    power:  a number obtained by raising a base number to an exponent
    Distributive Property of Multiplication:  To multiply a sum by a number, multiply each addend by the number, and add the products.
    cubed:  a number raised to the third power 
    squared:  a number raised to the second power
    Click here to link to a full listing of Math vocabulary terms.