• Project Update - February 11, 2016

    first turf game

    In anticipation of the start of the PIAA spring sports season on March 7, 2016, I find it appropriate to share an update on the Methacton High School athletic fields improvement project. This update includes information on final construction punch list matters, the softball fields, field lighting, and fundraising efforts. While it has been some time since I last wrote about this matter, I have delivered several verbal updates at public board meetings and will continue to keep everyone apprised as we continue making progress.

    Following the November 2015 approval of the settlement agreement concerning sports field lighting on the Methacton High School Campus by the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas and the Methacton Board of School Directors, the administration secured contractors to begin construction of field lighting on January 4, 2016. As of this writing, we have five of the nine light pole bases (see a picture of the light base below, right) installed. This includes three of five light pole bases on the auxiliary field and two of four light pole bases installed on the visitor’s side of the stadium field. The contractor has begun the hole boring for the home side of the stadium pole bases. However, progress has been delayed recently as the weather has made it nearly impossible to move equipment.

    light base

    The field lighting will certainly bring some significant interest to this campus as well as opportunities for community youth. We are excited about these new facilities and recognize that the lighting will be a game changer for our band program, athletic program, and community partnerships. In anticipation of the completion of field lighting at the end of March 2016, we are discussing plans that could coincide with events already scheduled in order to allow the community to see the results of this long awaited project. This is an exciting time for all.

    While we reached substantial completion of the athletic field construction, there remain items that need to be corrected or finalized in order to meet the specifications of the project. Commonly called final punch list matters, these items include macadam repair in certain areas of the parking lot, goal post re-positioning/replacement on the stadium field, minor track surface items, soil and erosion items, grass seeding, equipment issues (including ball control netting), and restorative work following installation of the lights.

    Previous communications on the field project provided insight into the storm water management matters that remained unresolved on the campus. While the storm water control is largely in place, issues remain with the infiltration of the large storm water basin that we are seeking to remedy in the most appropriate and cost efficient manner. This matter will likely not be resolved until sometime during the summer months when the ground and basin are accessible.

    We anticipate that the two newly constructed softball fields will be ready for play at the start of the spring PIAA sports season. These new facilities include dugouts, warning tracks, fencing, and score boards. Following inspection by two different third party experts, an area of settlement around the centerfield area of the varsity field remains to be remedied at no cost by the general contractor in order to ensure safe play in time for competition. We will keep parents and coaches apprised of the progress.

    To date, the Warrior Pride Capital Campaign has raised $1,466,849 of their goal amount of $2,000,000. Planning is underway for the Warrior Pride Capital Campaign’s “giving wall.” A sample visual of the wall, for those not familiar, is pictured below. This project is designed to give recognition to individuals or groups who contributed in excess of $1,000 to the Warrior Pride Capital Campaign at various giving levels. There remain many opportunities for individuals to secure a space for their own name or message on the wall with a minimum of $1,000 or greater contribution, either up front or over multiple years. Materials and a timeline for unveiling this important project are being finalized. 
    donor wall