• Methacton Award of Excellence
    As part of a new initiative aimed at honoring staff for the significant accomplishments they make to their colleagues, our students and their families, as well as our entire community, Methacton will be presenting the Methacton Award of Excellence to two valued members of our staff per month - one member of our support staff, and one member of our teaching staff. The individuals you see pictured below have made significant contributions to our school community!  Please join us in thanking and honoring them for their work here in the Methacton School District. Methacton PRIDE!
    April Recognition
    Sharon Evans - Worcester Instructional Assistant
    Sharon Evans
    Sharon Evans is a dedicated and selfless member of the Worcester staff. Sharon regularly exceeds the expectations of her job. She demonstrates flexibility and ingenuity in meeting the needs of the students and colleagues with whom she works. Sharon's effusive energy and perpetually positive nature permeate the school, though she seldom realizes the great extent of her positive impact due to her humble nature. Whether its assisting kindergarten students with Kidwriting, practicing vocabulary with first graders, or providing reinforcement for students during Team Time, Sharon Evans is an invaluable resource to the students and staff of Worcester Elementary and we are grateful to her for all her good work. 
    Deborah Cherry - Worcester Librarian
    Deborah Cherry is a tremendous asset to the entire Worcester Elementary community. Deb works tirelessly to provide a superior library sciences instructional experience for her students. She incorporates innovative technology into her lessons and students are inspired to explore and create in her classroom. This year, Deb worked with volunteers from the Worcester Home and School to hold a first annual Cardboard Challenge for students and families. She then continued this creative endeavor by hosting Maker Mondays during recess. Together with Home and School volunteers, Deb provides an opportunity for students to engage in hands on projects and creative activities. Additionally this school year, Deb started an after school Technology Club. We are grateful to Deb for giving selflessly of her time and talents.

    March Recognition
    Mary Mandia - Eagleville Building Secretary 
    Mary Mandia

    Mary is …. Mary. She is our building secretary, interior designer, Pinterest advocate, and private baker. There is no job that Mary cannot do! Mary’s friendliness and attention to detail offers us the most efficient Main Office anyone could ask for in a workplace! Mary’s heart gives of herself to every student, family, and co-worker every day. She takes every idea to another level! Her dedication to our school promotes teamwork. She offers her ideas, knowledge, and support to her colleagues on everything from kindergarten registration to hallway bulletin boards. Mary loves creating with repurposed items to create displays for any theme. Most recently, she kept the building together in my absence while attending to her own job responsibilities. Mary is the essence of our Eagleville School.

    Miranda Coghlan - Eagleville Music Teacher
    susan coughlan  
    Miranda brings enthusiasm and passion to her work every day! Miranda’s outreach to our families have increased our chorus participation throughout the year. She awards our students with special awards during family meetings and awards whole classes with the Super Listener Award each week.  Miranda’s use of motivating pointers and the SMART Board in her classroom motivates students to do their best!

    She combines classroom management strategies with best instructional practices to teach students to excel in music. She is more than happy to lend a hand to her colleagues when students need incentives in their homeroom. Miranda is used as special reward for students who love music! We are very fortunate to have Miranda in our family!

    February Recognition
    Terry Robinson - Woodland Custodian


    Terry Robinson is an evening custodian who has been substituting as head custodian for the past several weeks.  Even before his transition to day work, Terry has excelled in every capacity of his job.  His has gone above and beyond in set-up/break down for events, ensuring building safety and security, cleaning building, overseeing cafeteria during lunches, snow removal, exterminating pests, providing technological support, etc. 

    He epitomizes professionalism and customer service.  Not only does he address any concerns that are brought to his attention, but he also follows up with staff and takes the initial to complete any project that comes his way.  He is highly skilled in all facets of his job and goes out of his way to meet the needs of the students and staff (including building objects, fixing broken structures, etc. throughout the building).  Always gracious and polite, Terry treats everyone with respect and deserves the highest commendation for the work he does at Woodland and across the District.  He is truly an asset to Woodland!

    Jennifer Malloy - Woodland Health and Physical Education Teacher 


    Jen Malloy is a full-time physical education and health teacher at Woodland.  She also wears several other hats at Woodland.  She oversees the safety patrol as well as buses; she addresses most bus issues and empowers students to develop leadership skills and citizenship.  Jen also chairs intramural sports for students and facilitates Family Gym Night events several times each year. 

    With a focus on health and wellness, Miss Malloy encourages a healthy lifestyle while raising funds for our school through her efforts with Jump Rope For Heart and walkathon fundraisers.   Moreover, she is helping students make healthier food selections with her action research project. On top of teaching a large caseload, Jen also oversees our Emergency Response Team and exhibits strong leadership skills.  She deserves the highest commendation for the work she does for the Woodland community.  She is truly an asset to our school!

    January Recognition
    Dawn Montare - Audubon Librarian
    Dawn Montare
    Ms. Montare has been with the Methacton School District since 1989.  She began her career here as a classroom teacher before moving into the role of High School Librarian.  She joined the Audubon Faculty as our Librarian in 2008 and has been sharing her love of reading with staff and students ever since. Mrs. Montare has brought us visiting authors, assemblies, and wonderful book fairs.  Additionally, she has volunteered her time to coach Methacton’s fourth grade students for Reading Olympics.  In addition to her love of books, Mrs. Montare has shared her enthusiasm for technology with our students.  Under her direction, students have created online book reviews and book talks.  Students from kindergarten through fourth grade have practiced coding using apps and robots.  The library has been reinvented thanks to Mrs. Montare.
    Chris Collison - Audubon Recess Aid
    Chris Collison
    Chris Collison has been our recess aide at Audubon since 2010.  Each day she faithfully monitors and entertains our students out at recess regardless of the weather.  Mrs. Collison is always on the lookout for new ideas for recess.  She has made and purchased many items for the students to use from bean bags to sidewalk chalk.  Chris brings music for the students to listen and dance to when the weather cooperates.  She loves to hear the students stories about their day.  Her compassion for the students is evident in all that she does.

    December Recognition
    George Pastino - Arrowhead Custodian
    George Pastino  
    On a daily basis, Mr. Pastino goes above and beyond in making Arrowhead a beautiful and “clean” place to learn and work.  Whenever Mr. Pastino is called upon to clean up a mess, fix a ceiling tile, put out the coyote decoy to chase away the geese, change a light bulb, fix a leak, etc… Mr. Pastino responds, “Okay, no problem.”  The Arrowhead students and staff adore “Mr. George.”  Mr. Pastino takes extreme pride in his work.  He is a true team player.  It is evident through his work ethic and demeanor, that Mr. Pastino cares about Arrowhead Elementary School, students, staff, and community.  From my perspective, Arrowhead is extremely privileged to call “Mr. George” their head custodian.  Thank you for everything, George!
    Jamie Friedman - Arrowhead Counselor
    Jamie Friedman  
    Mrs. Friedman goes above and beyond in addressing the academic, social, and emotional needs of Arrowhead students.  She is always available and willing to help a student in need, whether it is helping a student come to school in the morning or just checking in to see how a student is feeling.  Jamie shows genuine concern and care for all.  In addition, she provides our students with exceptional lessons addressing socialization, diversity, digital citizenship, and emotional coping strategies.  Further, Mrs. Friedman is a strong supporter and advocate of the Arrowhead Watch Dog Dad Program.  She works collaboratively with the Arrowhead Home and School in scheduling Watch Dog visits.  Lastly, she works collaboratively with Arrowhead teachers to schedule counselor lessons.  She also creates our daily Watch Dog Dads Schedule.  Arrowhead is extremely fortunate to call Mrs. Friedman their school counselor, or as Mrs. Friedman refers….”the feelings teacher.”   Thank you for everything, Jamie!

    November Recognition
    Beth Hibbert - Skyview Grade 6 Instructional Assistant
    Beth Hibbert and Students  
    Ms. Beth Hibbert is a dedicated member of the Skyview Upper Elementary School staff. She works with sixth grade Learning Support students on the Astronomers team – helping them in all major subject areas. She is flexible and works to meet the needs of individual students. Most of all, Ms. Hibbert is a team player – not only on her team, but school-wide as well. A certified teacher, Ms. Hibbert is often called upon to assist with covering other classes, and she is always willing and able to lend a hand in our school community. Join us in congratulating Ms. Hibbert!
    Nan Davis - Skyview Grade 5 English Language Arts Teacher 
    Nan Davis  
    Ms. Nan Davis is a highly effective educator who regularly uses data to drive her instruction. She has been observed differentiating to meet student needs during ELA through small group work. She is one of our fiercest supporters of our math fact fluency initiative, using this data to help guide her instruction of students. Ms. Davis' efforts in both ELA and Math have had a clear impact on student achievement. She works diligently with all students and plans comprehensive lessons that meet their needs. She is a team player, and sets an excellent example for her students through her dedication to lifelong learning. Join us in congratulating Ms. Davis!

    October Recognition

    Mark Mu
    eller - Arcola Intermediate School Counselor
    Mary McGlincy - Arcola Intermediate School Instructional Assistant
    Award of Excellence  
    Mark Mueller - Mr. Mueller is the faculty advisor the new for the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation Youth and Philanthropy program, and also leads the Arcola Connection club that serves the school and community through service projects as well as fundraise to help support needy families during the holidays and community service organizations. He hosts a boys’ lunch bunch every Wednesday in his office during which he teaches, mentors, and encourages the students. Mr. Mueller puts a great deal of extra time and effort into his work and recently helped to create the Arcola float for the Homecoming Parade!
    Mary McGlincy - Ms. McGlincy demonstrates a positive, selfless attitude no matter what she is tackling. She is a consummate professional, and the perfect example of a true team player, working extremely hard at all times in support of her students, her colleagues. and the entire Arcola school community.

    September Recognition
    Bruce Outland - Methacton High School Teacher

    bruce outland
    Mr. Outland, a MHS science teacher, was recently honored with the "Exemplary Science Teaching Award" in the high school division for Montgomery County given by the Montgomery County Science Teachers’ Association. Congratulations, Mr. Outland!
    Debbie Bennett - Secretary to the Assistant Principal for Athletics and Activities
    As a consummate professional, Mrs. Bennett assists MHS student athletes and coaches each and every day. She also displays the same commitment to excellence when representing the Methacton School District while assisting in the coordination of athletics with other school districts, transportation, officials, and families.