• Independent reading is a requirement for 7th grade reading class. Each student's independent reading goal is individualized based on the STAR tests that all students take three times a year. Every student will get a point goal that he/she is working to achieve by the end of each marking period. 



    Below are the general guidelines for how the independent reading program will be structured. There are also benchmark dates each marking period that the book readings and assessments should be completed (dates are posted as announcements on Parent Portal at the start of each marking period.)

    ·        Each marking period, the students will need to meet their individualized Accelerated Reader point goal to achieve 100% for their IRP grade. The progress toward their goals will be posted as a grade on Sapphire at each of the two pre-determined benchmark dates (listed on Sapphire, in the classroom and on the Team Homework link calendar.)  

    ·        The books will be self-selected, but it is the responsibility of the student to check to ensure the book has an Accelerated Reader quiz while also managing his/her reading time and book selection. With a library of over 133,000 quizzes (and growing,) students should be able to find books that appeal to them. I am available to help students find books during non-instructional time in class or during 8th periods.



    Basic Directions for IRP Implementation:

    Students will….

    1.    Check www.ARbookfind.com to ensure your book is part of the Accelerated Reader Program.

    2.    Check the ATOS Book Level of your chosen book to make sure it is in near your ZPD (from latest STAR test); see teacher with questions.

    3.    Record your chosen book in your book log which is kept online.  Have your teacher initial your book choice.

    4.    It is your responsibility to manage your AR book points to achieve your personalized IRP goal- keeping your book log up to date will help you stay on track.

    5.    Complete the reading of your independent reading books and achieve a passing score on the appropriate AR quiz by the three pre-determined benchmark dates each marking period.


    If you have taken an AR quiz and earned a grade of 65% or lower, you may schedule a book talk with Mrs. Newell. This is your responsibility; if a book talk is not scheduled, the book will NOT be calculated into your Independent Reading score for that marking period.  The book talk rubric  should be reviewed before scheduling the book talk. 

     What to do if my book is not an AR book?
    1.  Bring in your book to have Mrs. Newell assign it a point value to count toward your goal.
    2. Read your book.
    3. Schedule a book talk after reviewing the book talk rubric (link above.)
    4. Receive AR points according to the book talk rubric score.
Last Modified on September 11, 2017