• My reading students will be receiving Scholastic book orders about once a month.  These are completely optional. The directions for ordering are as follows:


    • Books may be ordered by sending the completed order form into school with cash for the EXACT amount or a check made payable to Scholastic Book Clubs OR by logging on to Scholastic’s website and using a credit card to pay for your order.  All books will be delivered to me at school where they will be distributed to the students.
    • If you decide to order online, you do need to register with Scholastic.  It will only take a few minutes the first time you log on.  Follow these simple instructions below to set up your online account.

    1.       Go to www.scholastic.com/bookclubs

    2.       Under Don’t have an account, click Register Now

    3.       Click I’m a Parent

    4.       Enter your information- hit continue

    5.       Enter your child’s information.  Be sure to page down and enter our class activation code: H4CK4.  Then, page down again and click SAVE then continue.

    6.       To order right off this month’s catalogue, click the Quick Order button on the right of your screen. 

    7.       Click on Middle School on the right of your screen, then This Month’s Flyer.

    8.       You may also browse through any other book orders for different level books if you would like to place an order for someone other than your 8th grader.

    9.       Follow all the directions on your screen after that.

    10.      Once the order is confirmed, it shows up in my account.  I add the orders that are sent in to me directly, and then submit the entire order. It’s that easy!
Last Modified on September 11, 2017