• Project Update - September 2015 

    If you have been following the construction progress on the Methacton High School Athletic field renovation project, you are well aware that there have been some delays. While the original substantial completion date of August 7, 2015 has long passed, so have additional adjustments to the substantial completion timeline. The timeline extensions previously posted were agreed to by the district, the district's construction management firm, Fidevia, and the contractors. The two extensions of time resulted from issues related to construction and were considered reasonable time extensions by all parties. Please see a history of these time extensions in the table below. The district is in no position to extend the timelines further with the contractors. There are provisions in the contracts that address substantial completion which we will invoke as necessary.


    First Substantial Completion Date

    2nd Revision

    3rd Revision

    Auxiliary Field




    Stadium Field




    Track and Other Amenities Surfacing




    Softball Fields




    Rest Room Building




    The August 21, 2015 deadline for substantial completion for the Auxiliary field has come and gone. While we received our temporary occupancy permit on August 31, 2015 from Worcester Township, this only means that the field is approved for use with respect to township/county construction codes. We have not met the substantial completion of work under the contract. This has led to a heightened concern over why students are not allowed to play on the auxiliary field at this time, when the field appears to be ready for practice and play. As inconvenient as this has been for our students and parents, we do have contractual obligations to ensure that this project is completed properly and meets the specifications as outlined for what we purchased. It is important for students and parents alike to know that we are working cooperatively with the construction contractors to resolve the outstanding issue which involves the infill material placed on the field to provide the “bounce,” or cushion. We are close to the finalization of this issue and will be making an announcement as soon we have more information.

    The Stadium field now has goal posts. The synthetic turf has been laid with the work crew focused on cutting and stitching in the graphics. The plan calls for “METHACTON” to be written in one end zone and “WARRIORS” in another end zone. As you can see in the picture below, there will be an M located in the center of the field. We are estimating that this work will be complete by early next week (3rd week September), which will then allow for sand and infill mix to be applied bringing this field to a potential usage by the fourth week in September.


    There has been some additional damage to the running track as a result of construction. This will be covered under the general contractor and will not be an expense for the district. However, it is likely to cause additional work, which may take additional time.

    track damage

    The concrete pad foundation for the varsity softball dugouts are planned to be poured this week with the dugouts being located to their sites next week. The fencing contractor is busy with fencing on the two softball fields. It is critical that the sodding and seeding of this area starts no later than next week.

    softball fields

    Issues with the storm water basin have been reported in previous posts. An update on this issue finds us needing redesign work in the bottom of the basin in order to comply with codes associated with a retention basin and not an infiltration basin as it was originally proposed. As such, a design is in final stages of approval and will be addressed in the near future. In addition, the district must locate areas on the property that will allow for the water to infiltrate into the earth. This remains in the planning phase and more information will provided in the next update. 

    Pictured below, progress continues on the restroom building. The room is installed and internal and external painting is planned for next week.