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Here are just a few apps that target speech/language skills:

Speech Apps

  • Phonics Studio – Pictures paired with words containing target sounds in all word positions
  • Word Search Articulation – search for words containing target sounds
  • Word Vault- Lists stimulus words containing target sounds
  • The Entire World of Articulation Flip Books
  • Charades Articulation
  • Silly Sentences

Language Apps

  • Story Builder, Sentence Builder, Question Builder, Tense Builder, Preposition Builder, Expressive Language Builder
  • Splingo’s Language Universe- Targets listening and comprehension of directions
  • Categories (From I Can Do apps)- works on identifying objects in categories and those that do not belong in categories
  • Autism iHelp: Wh-questions – answering wh-questions about different categories with picture stimuli
  • Fun with Directions- following 1-2 step directions
  • My Play Home and Farmyard- facilitates expressive language (grammar, sentence length, vocab etc.) as children describe actions and scenes

Social Language Apps

  • Between the Lines- Video scenarios and images that allow perspective-taking and the study of body language, facial expressions and vocal intonation.
  • Conversation Builder
  • Word Vault- Lists social scenarios/problem solving, idioms, inferencing, conversation starters