the AWESOME.  
    Welcome to All About Arcola Night. 
    Expectations for your students:
    Daily technology use: log ins, log outs, printing, saving, searching, creating, presenting, communicating
    Acceptable, respectful and responsible use
    Grow as a productive digital citizen: copyright free use, citations, explorations
    Expectations for parents:
    Questions?  Check team and teacher pages for homework assignments and upcoming project deadlines
    Keep tabs on the Parent Portal of your student's progress

    What does every student get?


    Arcola operates in three different platforms:

    desktop/laptop/Microsoft suite and Windows 10

    Google chrome books/ all Google all cloud

    ipads/ itouch/ Mac suite with Google access

    Personalized log in...personalized student profile...must log in and remember to log out 
    If a student forgets a password, access the Arcola Home page and click the button for Account Management Portal 
    Account Management Portal

    Centralized printing...print from any computer to printer in Source

    Access that is 24/7 with any internet connection 

    Virtual locker vs Google Drive 
    Most projects can be published and accepted in multiple formats.
    Video production:  Windows Movie Maker, iMotion/iMovie, web based site like Animoto or Powtoon
    Podcasts:  laptops and ipads are microphone and camera enabled for audio and/or video production
    Book creation: Simplebooklets, PowerPoint, Book Creator
    Websites: Google sites, wikispaces, Kidblog
    Publishing:  Word, Google Docs, Word for Mac
    Power point/slideshows:  PowerPoint, Slides, Keynote, Explain Everything 
    The following websites can be used to demonstrate mastery in any curriculum.  These websites are a sampling of the more popular websites used in various classes throughout the year.  On most sites, teachers assign students a guest account that is used to generate a skills based project.  Once the project has been graded, it is recycled for use with another class and access to the account is changed.
    Powtoon - creates a video production from individual animated slides
    Edmodo - classroom centered website that allows teachers to send notifications and collect assignments electronically 
    Simplebooklet - creates a book that can be customized to turn the pages simulating a real book
    Voki - customize your own talking avatar to explain concepts, review a novel, or describe a character's life
    Animoto - creates professional looking video trailers using the content inserted by students
    Prezi - power point presentation extreme...caution...can cause motion sickness 
    Quizlet - student generated vocabulary/content review through a variety of exercises, games and tests 
    Videolicious - simple fast way for making a video to demonstrate knowledge in one class period (app on ipads)
    Kahoot - healthy competition to measure learning in a quick, fun fashion