• Donating by Mail or Donating Stock

    Donors may wish to mail their donation. You may download a paper pledge card to accompany your donation here.
    You may also wish to donate stock as your contribution to the Warrior Pride Capital Campaign. Necessary forms for processing stock donation are:  
    Attached Form Completion:

    Instructions on Form Completion:

    Attached are two documents needed with the stock certificates.

    The Third Party Release form will be completed as follows:  Section 1: certificate registration and social security number of the person the stock is registered to; Section 2: The certificate information; number, shares and issue date.  They can list up to 6 stock certificates from the same person and same registration; Section 4: signature of the stock certificate holder, city and state.

    The Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power will be completed as follows:  Section 2:  The stock certificate registration, number of shares, issuer name, and certificate number.  If more than one stock is being donated from the same person, additional forms are needed of the irrevocable stock power form.  Section 4:  Signature of the stock certificate holder.

    The stock certificate holder will need to endorse the back of the certificate exactly how it is registered.  Also, we will need a copy of their driver’s license in order to complete the signature guarantee medallion stamp.


    DTC Eligible Securities Delivery Instructions

    DTC Clearing #0075



    Questions on Form Completion and Submission:

    Please contact Failina Fausti at AXA: Failina.Fausti@axa-advisors.com