Mr. Chantry           Room 260             achantry@methacton.org

    1.         Be Prepared for Class

    All students are expected to have the following items every class session:

    • Positive attitude

    • Respect for self and others

    • Science section in binder or folder (A place to keep papers together)

    • Composition Book (Provided by teacher)

    • Log-In Credential for Google Drive (Computer Login Information)

    • Pens/Pencils

    • Completed work

    2.         Be Ready to Start Class as Soon as You Enter the Room

    • BE ON TIME!! Students are expected to go directly to their seats. Copy homework assignments from the board into assignment books and start any “science openers”.

    3.         Assignment Responsibilities

    • All assignments are to be completed neatly, legibly, and on time.

    • Missing homework will result in a ZERO for the assignment (most nightly assignments will be

    • Missing assignments must still be turned in the next class to receive 1 point or it will be marked as an incomplete in the parent portal.

    • Please refer to the Arcola Student Handbook for make-up work policies. (This includes music lessons, sports, field trips, etc…)

    • Assignments involving cheating or copying will receive a zero and disciplinary actions will be taken.

    ****Note:  We will be using Google Classroom and Videos from the teacher website for homework.  If you do not have access to the internet at home please speak with the teacher or have a parent contact the teacher for more information****

    4.         Grading

    Grades will be calculated using points. Each graded paper or assignment will be given a point value and the student’s grade will be the percentage of the total possible points earned.                                                                                                          

    Point values will be given to the following:

    -Tests                        -Quizzes                  -Homework                  -Labs            -Projects              

    Extra Credit –

    -Extra Credit is earned for the early completion of extended projects.  Teacher will announce when extra credit is possible.  This will not be very often so please be sure you make the most of your REGULAR CREDIT.  

    -Participation in the Arcola Science Fair can earn extra credit for marking periods 2-4. (This all independent work)

    6.         Classroom Conduct

    • Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Citizenship, Caring

    • If a Restroom break is needed please attempt to have it done in the first 5 or last 5 minutes of class.

    ***Students who are unable to adhere to the above guidelines, or who disrupt the teacher or other students during the lesson, will receive one warning. Any further incidents will result in a DISCIPLINARY ACTION***

    7.         Laboratory Conduct

    Please see Arcola 7th Grade Science Lab Safety Rules and Animal Dissection Rules sheets signed in the beginning of the year and available on my teacher site