• Astronomers Math Grades are broken down into the following categories...
    Classwork - 20% of a marking period grade
           Includes any graded workbook pages, in-class assignments and Daily Math assignments
    Daily Math is about 10 minutes of non-instructional math practice and review time. Students have Daily Math each day in their homeroom. During this time, Mrs. Maier is availble for assistance. Daily Math assignemnts are typically provided on A-day and collected at the end of the following F-day, and are graded for accuracy. During Daily Math time students will also have the opportunity to work on ALEKS, and complete Computation Quizzes (Comp Quizzes) on "C" days. Comp quizzes are quick, four or five questions "quizzes" addressing the four basic computations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - later in the year there may be exponents as well). Comp quizzes are marked, but not included in a student's grade during the first and second marking period. Beginning in the third marking period, these scores will be a grade entry in the classwork category. These are meant to keep students practicing the basic skills that are necessary to progress thorugh the sixth grade curriuclum.
    Homework - 10% of a marking period grade
           Includes homework practice pages, ALEKS accomplishments, and other homework assignments
    Quizzes/Projects - 25% of a marking period grade
          Includes unit quizzes, projects
    Tests - 45% of a marking period grade 
          Includes Unit Tests
Last Modified on August 19, 2019