• Welcome!

    My classroom is a place for ALL to learn and grow together.  Math is a subject where there will be students at all abilities.  We will work together to figure out solutions, problem solve and enhance our daily learning.  In order to do this, there are some classroom values to keep in mind before entering each day:

    1. Respect: respect all students, property (yours and others!), faculty and materials. 

    Be sure to respect yourself and your own abilties.. ask questions when you don't understand.

    2. Bring all required materials and assignments to class each day.  It is imperative that your are prepared. 

    3. Follow all school rules as stated in the handbook.

    4. Take responsibility for your choices and actions.

    5. Work hard and try your best, that is all I can ask for!   


    If we can all agree to start each class with a positive attitude, we will have the productive classroom we all hope for.  We will talk more about this throughout the year, especially in the first few days of class together.