Hello Skyview Upper Elementary Family & Friends,

      Due to the school being closed on Thursday March 12th, 2020, we regrettably will also have to cancel the Family Bingo/ Game Night that was scheduled for that evening as well. We will be working on rescheduling the event somtime after March 25th. Please stayed tuned for further updates on when this will be so you dont miss out on the fun! Thank you all for your understanding and support! 




    Thinking about volunteering at one of Methacton's schools? Join the Methacton Coordinating Council (MCC) on Tuesday, September 17th from 6 to 8 to begin the process to achieve volunteer status in the school district.

    MCC is the governing body and nonprofit that umbrellas all of the district's Home & School Associations. Each school offers a multitude of volunteer opportunities. Find out how you can help!

    Click link for flyer! Volunteer Flyer




    If anyone is experiencing difficulty signing in to Konstella.com, be sure you have first submitted a request to join by going to Konstella.com and choosing Skyview in the upper right corner.  If unsuccessful, click the following link: 


    If still experiencing problems, please notify us at skyviewhomeandschool@gmail.com.  Someone is  available to assist you. 

    For our families having difficulting signing siblings into other schools, please notify your Home and School for prompt support.

    Thank you!