• Counseling Core Curriculum
    Respect Yourself and Others

    This year children will meet brand new puppets to our program.  These new friends will talk to the children about making new friends, expressing feelings, working out problems and appreciating differences.  During each lesson children will actively participate in puppet shows and activities geared toward the development of self-image, coping skills, and decision making.  In addition, kindergarten students will learn about personal safety.

     First Grade
    Making S'More Friends
    A Camping Adventure

    In first grade there is an emphasis on decision making skills.  Our new puppets are used once again to demonstrate the importance of good choices.  Students will also be involved in activities that will help them develop an awareness of self and others.  They will also learn about celebrating differences, making and keeping friends, how to express feelings to friends and how to ask for help.  The students will also have a lesson on the importance of personal safety. 

     Second Grade
    Friends Forever
    Second grade students begin developmental lessons with several self-awareness activities.  Students examine the components of healthy relationships while learning important conflict resolution strategies.  Students also revisit personal safety. 

    Third Grade

    We Are the Same and Different

    The third grade curriculum is designed to allow students to understand and experience human diversity.  Throughout the lessons children learn the value of difference and individuality in culture.  Concepts of race and ethnicity are introduced and explored.  The third grade lessons also incorporate a culminating experiential activity developed to increase understanding through application and participation.

    Fourth Grade
    I Can Handle It!

    Students in fourth grade work with the school counselor to understand and identify stress in their lives.  Students learn to assess their individual stress levels by identifying positive and negative stressors.  In addition, students discuss the effects of stress, as well as, stress management techniques. The idea of multiple intelligences is explored helping children to realize that there are all kinds of smarts.  The elementary counselors will work with the fourth grade students and teachers to ensure a comfortable transition to Skyview Upper Elementary School.