Proud To Be Me Week
    This idea was created in 2010 in honor of Katie Goldman, a 7 year old from Illinois, who was teased for her interest in science fiction, Star Wars and fantasy.  The teasing became so intense that Katie wanted to conform to others' interests just so the teasing would stop.  Katie's mom began blogging to ask for help to deal with her daughter's dilemma.  Thousands of responses came in to aid Katie's mom and support Katie's individuality.  Since then, Katie's school has held a Proud to Be Me Day to foster expression of unique abilities and interests.  Likewise, Methaction School District feels strongly about encouraging differences and celebrating  uniqueness and will dedicate a week to celebrating this theme with special dress- up days and activities to promote diversity.
    Lunch Bunch
    Students have the opportunity to eat lunch with me in the counseling office.  They may request to have a lunch bunch with a few friends.  This is a fun, informal way to get to know classmates and to practice social skills such as initiating conversation, listening to others and using manners.     
    Safety Rangers
    Safety Rangers is an after school safety awareness program sponsored by Victim Services Center for second grade students.  Students meet after school for one hour learning about many ways to be safe. 
    Homework Workshops 
    Homework Without Headaches Workshop is an evening program for parents and students from 2nd to 4th grade.  The program is geared to helping both the student and the parent make homework time manageable.   Look for flyers in the fall with the information regarding dates, times and locations.