•     MIAC Instructor Checklist

    1)      Reserve the location of your MIAC activity through the District Use of Facilities application

    2)      Ensure the technology you are using with your activity is available to all participants.

    3)      Send an e-mail to all participants using the e-mail function in My Learning Plan at least one week in advance of your MIAC activity.

    a)      Remind them of the location, date and times of your activity.

    b)      Tell them what materials to bring with them.

    c)      Provide information important to the work of your MIAC activity.

    4)      Print the sign-in sheet for your activity from the Instructor tab in My Learning Plan.  A separate sign-in sheet is required for each day of the MIAC activity.  Record the meeting date and number of hours completed on EACH sheet.

    5)      Ensure that all participants sign in on each day that they participate in the activity.

    6)      Make a copy for your own files before sending the sign-in sheet(s) to the Professional Development Office.  This should be done within one week of the MIAC activity completion. Sign-in sheets for multi-day MIAC activities should be submitted upon the completion of the activity.

    7)      During your MIAC activity, provide time for participants to complete the MIAC evaluation on My Learning Plan. All evaluation feedback is anonymous.

    8)      Review your MIAC activity feedback in My Learning Plan on your Instructor tab.

    9)      If you are the instructor/facilitator for a book study, complete the Book Review and attach the sign-in sheet for the participants.